Week ending Sunday 2012/02/26

Monday 11:38 · @davidascher I can’t tell without seeing the tail. Guess I’m not a Real Canadian. [Original, responding to @davidascher.]

Monday 17:31 · Oh, I am so happy. The days of hashbangs on Twitter are numbered! storify.com/timhaines/hashbang-conversation [Original.]

Tuesday 00:03 · In which I alienate some readers and bore others: No Iran War Please. www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/02/20/No-Attack-on-Iran [Original.]

Tuesday 15:29 · Running with Ghostery: At my own site, the score is 2. (Lower is better) [Original.]

Tuesday 16:02 · Hey @DonDavies, does the NDP have a position on the Robin Hood Tax? See robinhoodtax.ca/ [Original.]

Tuesday 17:30 · Pfui on glasses, I want cyborg eyeball optics. [Original.]

Tuesday 17:39 · Nice piece by @fabulavancouver on urban growth patterns: www.francesbula.com/uncategorized/not-the-suburbs-that-are-growing-the-fastest-but-cities-and-older-suburbs-with-dense-cores/ [Original.]

Tuesday 19:12 · @gruber Dell used to have an edge: Easier to buy on the web. They threw that away to maximize some MBA-driven metric. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Tuesday 22:30 · Just read the comments at www.theverge.com/2012/2/22/2815654/abc-nightline-apple-foxconn-factories - big mistake. I’m sure most people aren’t hateful morons, despite the evidence. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:42 · @codinghorror There are other good reasons for running all-https all the time. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Wednesday 18:38 · It’s a little tough for the media; central story of US prez campaign is: Repub candidates are assclowns. But that truth can’t be spoken. [Original.]

Wednesday 22:22 · Flying Baby series: rachelhulin.com/book1/?c=1-the-flying-series#1 [Original.]

Wednesday 22:39 · @zedshaw Classical-music jokes are about viola players and don't fit in tweets. [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Wednesday 22:40 · @zedshaw Guy needs directions. Bad viola player says left. Easter bunny says straight ahead. Good viola player says right. (cont…) [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Wednesday 22:40 · @zedshaw He smiles & goes left, because there are no Easter bunnies or good viola players. [Original, responding to @zedshaw.]

Wednesday 23:04 · @obie That piece made a strong impression on me today. Deep, clear thinking. [Original, responding to @obie.]

Thursday 12:16 · I wrote Minister Paradis about bill C-11. I just got a fuck-off-and-die form letter back. #loveThemTories #cdnpoli [Original.]

Thursday 12:57 · @daeaves @davidascher On reflection I think David’s right. [Original, responding to @daeaves.]

Thursday 14:13 · RSpec book isn’t available on Kindle… why not?! Don’t wanna kill trees to learn BDD tools. www.amazon.com/RSpec-Book-Behaviour-Development-Cucumber/dp/1934356379/ [Original.]

Thursday 14:15 · I can get an e-book from Prags, but kinda expensive. Hrmf. pragprog.com/book/achbd/the-rspec-book [Original.]

Thursday 14:37 · So I bought the e-book from the Prags. I have no freaking idea what a fair price for a book is these days. [Original.]

Thursday 17:23 · @watewoolsten Don’t have room for books. [Original, responding to @watewoolsten.]

Thursday 20:14 · Monster Rails/node/coffeescript rant from @gilesgoatboy gilesbowkett.blogspot.com/2012/02/rails-went-off-rails-why-im-rebuilding.html [Original.]

Thursday 20:14 · @batasrki Thanks, fixed [Original, responding to @batasrki.]

Thursday 20:15 · @joshu Well, it’s more or less YOU OR HIM. Only one can live. Just sayin [Original, responding to @joshu.]

Thursday 20:23 · d'oh… deleted that tweet, re-issued it with correct @ [Original.]

Thursday 22:49 · Did I mention already that I really don’t want to get Dan Lyons mad at me? [Original.]

Thursday 22:50 · @duncan What does “dedicated to photos” mean? [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Friday 11:56 · Fooling with G+ pages. Created a “Prime Lenses” page, and let’s see if we can have some lens-geek fun. [Original.]

Friday 17:19 · Hamas denounces Assad. www.jpost.com/MiddleEast/Article.aspx?ID=259264&R=R1 How long before Hez joins the party I wonder? [Original.]

Friday 23:02 · This evening I cleaned up a messy Wikipedia entry. It’s all glamor all the time here. [Original.]

Friday 23:02 · And I didn’t even finish the cleanup. [Original.]

Saturday 08:46 · @CherylMcKinnon widely shared belief among serious photogs that Canon S95 & S100 are excellent pocket shooters [Original, responding to @CherylMcKinnon.]

Saturday 15:08 · Finished that Wikipedia maintenance today. Immense satisfaction removing the string “{{Cleanup|article|date=March 2009}}” [Original.]

Saturday 15:15 · @kshepherd We’re not perfect but we get there. [Original, responding to @kshepherd.]

Sunday 08:04 · @Gartenberg Theory says competition should produce great products. [Original, responding to @Gartenberg.]

Sunday 10:27 · Every1 in Barcelona pls shut up, send 1-pager @ end-of-week with the impt stuff. kthksby [Original.]

Sunday 10:37 · Huawei exec: “Our brand is not so famous, but our devices are the best.” That does look like a nice phone: bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/02/26/huawei-takes-on-apple-and-samsung-with-the-ascend/ [Original.]

Sunday 19:43 · Be a part of CyanogenMod (again!) [Original.]

Sunday 20:28 · Outstanding weapon; remarkable range & accuracy. www.hasbro.com/shop/details.cfm?R=95A5406A-19B9-F369-1056-599796F84BA9:en_US [Original.]

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