It was super-foggy last night, so I went out to look at streetlights through tree branches. You could spend a lot of time fooling around with silly depth-of-field tricks.

Foggy night

In both cases, the tree is my much-photographed magnolia which, as I’ve written before, can never not be beautiful.

Foggy night

This morning I was first up and discovered a couple of essential breakfast ingredients missing. As I walked five blocks to the store, I realized it had been a freezing fog, so the street generally, and the cars specifically, were pretty thoroughly iced.

Someone, in the depth of night, had gone along the street and lifted each car’s wipers off its windshield so they were pointing up saluting the morning. This will have made everyone’s de-icing a little easier. I suspect the midnight public servants were probably happily drunk.


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From: Bud Gibson (Feb 05 2012, at 12:48)

The real play here is light and shadow contrast. Depth of field is really secondary (beyond the fact that the street light is just a nebulous source of illumination).

These are quite nice.


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