That stands for Museum of Anthropology and I’ve been before. I took pictures of a bunch of faces.

My favorite I think being this crystal Bodhisattva.

Crystal Bodhisattva at UBC MOA

I could give you a description of where all these are from and what they mean, well that is if I’d taken notes and not just pictures. If you want to know, go visit the place already.

Face at UBC MOA
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Face at UBC MOA
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Face at UBC MOA
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Face at UBC MOA


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From: Holger Just (Sep 14 2011, at 02:32)

Beautiful photos. I really should go to museums more often...

As for the descriptions, I made it a habit of also taking photos of the descriptions alongside of the objects (or animals in zoos :) Disk space is cheap and its so much less work than scribbling stuff down which then ends up in some cluttered box instead of where it actually belongs: alongside of the actual photos.


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