In Vancouver, “the Drive” means Commercial Drive. [Note: That Wikipedia entry needs some editorial attention and pictures.] On impulse, and because it was sunny, we went over there for gelato after dinner and I took my camera.

Copper, wood, and graffiti.

Copper, wood and graffiti on The Drive in Vancouver

Looking West down an alley.

Looking west at sunset down an alley off The Drive in Vancouver

Cozy Apartments.

What was once Cozy Apartments on The Drive in Vancouver

Fresh red peppers for sale!

Fresh red peppers

The waves of immigrants and subcultures that have sloshed up and down the Drive are oddly assorted: Italians, Portuguese, Africans from former Italian colonies, Latin-Americans, commies, lesbians, punks, and dopers. Whatever; it seems to work pretty well.


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From: John Cowan (Mar 23 2011, at 07:06)

One movie mogul to another, back in the very old days:

"I've just bought a terrific book called _The Well of Loneliness_."

"But Jake, you can't use that, it's about two lesbians?"

"So? I'll change them to Austrians."


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