I’ll just tidy up the last lingering worth-showing Barcelona pix and it helps that they share an inside-after-dark theme.

This is at a party, which was swanky and overdone and exclusive; despite the lighting, that’s not Daft Punk on stage. The affair was mostly too complex for me; when in doubt, point a camera at it. The little Canon pocket jobbie, it usually doesn’t overload, and when it does retains some grace.

At a complicated party

At that same event, this woman was sitting on a glowing cube and her dress was falling before it in lines that seemed impossibly elegant. I didn’t ask her permission to take or run her picture so I guess it’s just as well that it’s from the elbows down.

Backlit dress

That same evening, before the party, a gaggle of Googlers left the trade show in dire need of hearty food and cold beer; if you come out of the fairground’s front gate, bear hard left down Gran Via (I really ought to offer its full name: Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes) and stay on it for a couple of blocks, you’ll come to Kikiriki, an unpretentious pizza joint which had no trouble keeping the pizzas and chops and pastas and beers coming pretty well as fast as we could soak them up. It had a welcoming decor without trying too hard, which you see reflected here.

In a mirror at Kikiriki restaurant, Barcelona

This is in a Vietnamese restaurant whose name I don’t remember and where I didn’t eat, but some other Googlers did and liked enough that they went back a second time

Lamps in a Vietnamese restaurant

We rendezvoused there the last night of the show to go out and do some serious drinking. This is Barcelona; a few blocks of random walking took us to a friendly mostly-empty bar that had no trouble taking care of twenty or so geeks for three or so hours of exhausted but happy companionship.

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