I mean in the Manhattan sense; I was there Tuesday and having an hour to spare went for a walk, ending up at the South Street Seaport, from whence this picture.

Manhattan from the South Street Seaport

This is once again the remarkable Canon S90 at work. I’ll be honest, the picture doesn’t quite capture the way the tower lights looked to me; the contrast had less drama, the play of light and dark more subtlety. But still it looks good, and it seems a miracle to me that a device that fits in pretty well any pocket you might have can pull something like this out in very dim circumstances.


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From: Bud Gibson (Jan 28 2011, at 04:14)

You have a bit of perspective distortion in there too. You may actually want that.


From: BWJones (Jan 28 2011, at 04:53)

That *is* a pretty remarkable camera. I keep delaying picking one up and the iPhone4 has furthered that delay given its camera, but the results out of the S90 are inspiring.


From: Andy Lee (Jan 30 2011, at 08:30)

I live about a block from there. Glad you enjoyed a moment in my neighborhood.


From: Vaibhav (Feb 10 2011, at 07:57)

Well, S90 (and now S95) is one of the most awesome point-and-shoots available. Truly a remarkable camera, and the one I recommend to my friends the most.

A very nice photo - of course, the camera still needs to be pointed right to produce beautiful results :)


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