That stands for Mobile World Congress, right around Valentine’s Day, in Barcelona. A whole tribe of Androiders are going, and the mock-up of our booth is boggling minds all over the ’plex.

Android at Mobile World Congress

Barcelona, baby, and the global mobile maelstrom; what’s not to like?


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From: John Cowan (Jan 14 2011, at 10:19)

That's the least android android I've ever seen. Androids are supposed to be humaniform.


From: Janne (Jan 14 2011, at 16:01)

Off-topic, so feel free to not post this: You are aware that this blog of yours is completely unreadable on an Android browser? The text becomes a thin, snaking line down the page with room for only one word per line.

It means that I can read the posts fine through the RSS feed, but it is impossible to comment on the post when I read this through my phone. Which is often, as I normally read my RSS feeds during my commute.


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