To be precise, Children’s Ukulele Orchestra.

Children’s Ukulele Orchestra at Vancouver airport

I was out at Vancouver airport sometime around Christmas and they were performing and were not bad at all. The menacing part at the left is part of Bill Reid’s Jade Canoe which is remarkably beautiful and, at Vancouver Airport, a plaything for toddlers and oldsters and ukulele orchestras.


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From: David Magda (Jan 12 2011, at 15:20)

If they stick to it, they can perhaps join Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain:


From: stephen (Jan 15 2011, at 05:23)

You know, Vancouver airport is something else, beautiful, and always something going on. This looks great and I would loved to have heard them. I miss Vancouver, but great to see the growing interest in Ukulele playing.


From: Piers Hollott (Jan 20 2011, at 12:24)

I'm not sure if interest in the ukulele has ever waned in Canada - I attended elementary school in the late 70's and early 80's, so I benefited from the work J. Chalmers Doane did to popularize the instrument throughout Canada. A performance in which I was involved was even captured - on vinyl! This was before youtube, of course ;)


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