Week ending Sunday 2010/09/19

Monday 10:32 · Hey, I even write on the Android-dev blog sometimes, not just edit. Screen Geometry Fun: android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/09/screen-geometry-fun.html [Original.]

Monday 10:55 · #galaxytab has been running since Sat morning, still showing 25% charge. Once again, not heavy use, but encouraging. [Original.]

Monday 12:23 · @vivekgolecha I work for Google. Samsung sent over a few. [Original, responding to @vivekgolecha.]

Monday 15:31 · Urgh, my Nexus One screen now feels shockingly cramped. #galaxytab [Original.]

Monday 15:33 · @mezzoblue AND WHAT DO YOU HAVE AGAINST PORTUGUESE POETRY?! Can't stand prose bigots [Original, responding to @mezzoblue.]

Monday 18:49 · @anakin78z Yep, WiFi on, data off. Running all day, picking up mail and tweets and so on. Not that much screen time though. [Original, responding to @anakin78z.]

Monday 22:59 · @doctorow You totally need an unlocked android & a decent data [Original, responding to @doctorow.]

Monday 23:00 · @doctorow You can pick up a "Fonic" SIM with cheap data at a million places in Germany [Original, responding to @doctorow.]

Tuesday 10:54 · Early findings on #galaxytab battery life: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/09/10/Galaxy-Tab-in-my-Pocket#p-14 [Original.]

Tuesday 11:02 · @spam check @sigokaushkrddhq [Original, responding to @sigokaushkrddhq.]

Tuesday 11:55 · @sogrady Tough call without hands-on time [Original, responding to @sogrady.]

Tuesday 20:56 · Aldiko ebook reader is great on the #galaxytab [Original.]

Tuesday 21:19 · Just bought my first ebook. Let's see how this goes. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:43 · @rafaelrosafu If I can get a Brazilian visa [Original, responding to @rafaelrosafu.]

Tuesday 21:58 · Do not follow this link if you've ever had even the slightest hint of acrophobia: www.youtube.com/watch?v=txdv_oNq81I [Original.]

Wednesday 05:06 · New HTCs look great! Mind you, so do the new Samsungs and Motos... I love this business. [Original.]

Wednesday 05:10 · @doriantaylor OK to have spaces either side but they have to be non-breaking spaces. [Original, responding to @doriantaylor.]

Wednesday 08:26 · To my surprise, music sounds distinctly better on the #galaxytab than the nexus one, via decent Shure headphones [Original.]

Wednesday 09:52 · @Hadrien Yep [Original, responding to @Hadrien.]

Wednesday 18:33 · Suddenly CPAN says "Configuration does not allow connecting to the internet." wtf?! [Original.]

Wednesday 18:39 · Every time I get a new computer I have to spend hours trying to get perl & mysql working. Shouldn't be this hard. [Original.]

Wednesday 19:15 · @dethe Yes, and that was the answer. Let me tweet that to the world. [Original, responding to @dethe.]

Wednesday 19:17 · As @dethe said, Homebrew mxcl.github.com/homebrew/ is the answer. [Original.]

Wednesday 20:05 · @jrr0 Leave it to the system to figure out what to kill. Unless there's a seriously misbehaving app. [Original, responding to @jrr0.]

Wednesday 22:06 · Alex: "I read every corporate communication through gritted teeth and with fingers crossed." I know that feeling. [Original.]

Thursday 07:36 · By the Embarcadero, street people sleep in rows, with a backdrop of parked Porsches and the Bay Bridge. [Original.]

Thursday 14:18 · If anyone at Lupis labs is reading this, or anyone who knows anyone there, could they ping me (twbray at G)? Thanks. [Original.]

Thursday 19:38 · Fruit Ninja is a wonderfully silly Android game. Superior silliness [Original.]

Thursday 21:33 · @nelson New category: Great Works Still to Experience. My biggest: Sergeant Pepper [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Friday 11:01 · So, has Rob Enderle actually *touched* a #galaxytab, and if not, why are people reporting him just making stuff up? Froyo looks *fantastic* [Original.]

Friday 15:06 · I guess Google Instant is to the browser search window as #newtwitter is to Twitter clients? [Original.]

Friday 15:17 · "It seems a little silly that I can’t readily share a free/busy schedule between systems..." www.laurenwood.org/anyway/2010/09/calendars-and-sharing/ [Original.]

Friday 15:32 · Apps that "shoeboxed" on the #galaxytab (android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/09/screen-geometry-fun.html) are getting fixed at an amazing rate. [Original.]

Friday 15:39 · I accidentally hit command-F5 on my Mac and found it a disturbing experience. (Hitting it again toggles the effect). [Original.]

Friday 15:50 · @timbray ctrl+opt+cmd+8 (hit it again to revert) (via @dgentry) [Original, responding to @timbray.]

Friday 16:06 · #galaxytab updates on battery life and user-interface polish: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/09/10/Galaxy-Tab-in-my-Pocket [Original.]

Saturday 01:23 · @romainguy That's an outstanding Android wallpaper [Original, responding to @romainguy.]

Saturday 14:41 · No poaching? www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/09/18/Poaching [Original.]

Saturday 17:30 · Phở: Test your Unicode skillz [Original.]

Saturday 17:31 · Psycho killer, qu'est-ce c'est/phở phở phở phở phở/phở phở phở phở phở [Original.]

Saturday 17:49 · My other computer is a phone [Original.]

Saturday 18:11 · Black walnut keyboard trays: combinecollective.ca/ Easy on the eye [Original.]

Saturday 19:28 · @segphault +1 [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Saturday 20:12 · @tekgrrl Mac TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR app... dunno about the Android version. Interesting; and Mac is generally Unicode-friendly. [Original, responding to @tekgrrl.]

Saturday 20:45 · The dark side of Tetris: lh6.ggpht.com/_hVOW2U7K4-M/TE52kW4SsSI/AAAAAAABUec/QT7PlNJ8w5E/s800/567ut5r6ur6u.jpg [Original.]

Sunday 14:37 · On Bacon: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/09/19/On-Bacon [Original.]

Sunday 14:40 · @ryanbigg Thanks [Original, responding to @ryanbigg.]

Sunday 17:39 · My to-dos for tomorrow include booking a Vancouver-São Paulo-Montevideo-Buenos Aires-Santiago-home excursion. Urgh. [Original.]

Sunday 19:11 · Mere words cannot express my joy at not having to attend #oow10 [Original.]

Sunday 19:26 · Drank an excellent and expensive Argentine Malbec with dinner to celebrate not being at #oow10 [Original.]

Sunday 19:52 · Romulan warbird decloaking: abstrusegoose.com/303 [Original.]

Sunday 19:54 · Sometimes spam gets into surreal territory: Dutch person ostensibly wants me to photograph his 2nd wedding anniversary in Nicosia. [Original.]

Sunday 20:37 · This year's crying sumo baby festival: www.japanprobe.com/2010/09/20/crying-baby-sumo-in-tochigi/ [Original.]

Sunday 21:08 · Look, I still think open-source mobile-phone software is a good idea, no matter what they do with it: en.akihabaranews.com/61840/phones/samsung-galaxy-s-femme-the-ultimate-android-phone-for-all-women [Original.]

Sunday 21:21 · @BR3NDA Totally. (But it seems like their server is suffering) [Original, responding to @BR3NDA.]

Sunday 21:51 · @BR3NDA It's baaaaaaaaack. But it might ruin your day. [Original, responding to @BR3NDA.]

Sunday 22:00 · Bad animals: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/08/31/Wildlife-Pictures [Original.]

Sunday 23:25 · Listening to ambient internet brain goo via doubleTwist radio; "Done Zone" on the #galaxytab mmmmmm [Original.]

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