Week ending Sunday 2010/09/05

Monday 19:07 · @headius True dat [Original, responding to @headius.]

Monday 19:20 · It's weird that, in 2010, hyperlinks should need defending. It's good that Scott Rosenberg does it so well: www.wordyard.com/2010/08/30/in-defense-of-links-part-one-nick-carr-hypertext-and-delinkification/ [Original.]

Monday 20:01 · Not mere disregard for reliable data. It is an attempt by the state to put falsehood in the place of reliable data: www2.macleans.ca/2010/08/23/the-harper-government-and-the-insite-flim-flam/ [Original.]

Monday 23:12 · Hah, @zedshaw registered notnotable.com for an anti-Wikipedia. [Original.]

Tuesday 00:02 · Late-night vinyl: The Best of Mountain. Well-played hard rock, entirely forgotten in 2010; so many treasures trapped in old vinyl. [Original.]

Tuesday 00:03 · If Jesus had a Twitter account, would he have called it @shitmydadsays? (via @vambenepe) [Original.]

Tuesday 00:27 · Like alternate realities? You'll enjoy www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2010-08/31/content_11228179.htm Especially the picture. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:05 · @headius I hate missing Japan-side Ruby events. Going late September for GDD. [Original, responding to @headius.]

Tuesday 15:32 · A story of O: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/08/31/A-Story-of-O [Original.]

Tuesday 20:53 · In Germany next week, want a SIM w/data. Choices seem Medion or Fonic or Tchibo per paygsimwithdata.wikia.com/wiki/Germany Any advice? [Original.]

Tuesday 21:07 · Ideally, I'd like to pick up my SIM in Frankfurt airport. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:19 · @shita Coming to Google Developer Day? [Original, responding to @shita.]

Tuesday 21:33 · @Airport_FRA I want to buy a SIM card for my mobile phone, for phone calls and Internet. For example, Fonic or Voda [Original, responding to @Airport_FRA.]

Tuesday 21:34 · @GreatDismal How do you like my chances in Frankfurt this weekend? [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Tuesday 21:40 · @GreatDismal I'm so pedestrian, flying all weekend, just wondering if I might run across your latest in an airport bookstore. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Tuesday 22:29 · @Airport_FRA Thank you! [Original, responding to @Airport_FRA.]

Tuesday 22:47 · @stilkov I did not say "a senior Oracle person" [Original, responding to @stilkov.]

Wednesday 00:19 · @MobileTechCon Where's the nearest Tchibo? [Original, responding to @MobileTechCon.]

Wednesday 08:25 · M&M evolution: www.reddit.com/tb/d81io [Original.]

Wednesday 12:01 · Is new AppleTV 720p or 1080p? Wondering about streaming perf over ordinary home internet... [Original.]

Wednesday 14:26 · Apple insisted that if we wanted to be part of the keynote, I couldn’t show my work at Quakecon, so I declined. (via @ID_AA_Carmack) [Original.]

Wednesday 16:41 · I'm going to JAOO in Aarhus. Should get a plane there, or fly to Copenhagen and take a train? [Original.]

Wednesday 17:02 · Wow, if I were flying to Copenhagen 7 days from now it'd be like $1800. To go at JAOO time, $3500?!?! [Original.]

Wednesday 17:06 · @caseyf I'm one of those. About 15 minutes. Wish it could be Ruby though. [Original, responding to @caseyf.]

Wednesday 20:26 · Signed up for Tripit Pro; the value-add over free is only moderate but they've earned my support. [Original.]

Wednesday 20:30 · @twleung Firedrills at Disney?! Mouse in peril? Snow White's virtue impugned? Inquiring minds want to know... [Original, responding to @twleung.]

Thursday 00:58 · Gosh, that would be today, wouldn't it? galaxytab.samsungmobile.com/ [Original.]

Thursday 03:10 · Galaxy Tab: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/09/02/Samsung-Galaxy-Tab [Original.]

Thursday 08:05 · Says @RobotDeathSquad: "Unfollowing @timbray. All of a sudden he's like the biggest Android shill on the planet?!?" [Original.]

Thursday 08:42 · @isknight Hm, good idea. Did that. [Original, responding to @isknight.]

Thursday 08:55 · Hey, there's another BigCo tablet, the Toshiba Folio 100: www.zdnet.com/blog/gadgetreviews/toshiba-folio-100-android-tablet-introduced-at-ifa-2010/17652 Haven't touched one myself. [Original.]

Thursday 09:24 · @charlesarthur Why, thank you. [Original, responding to @charlesarthur.]

Thursday 09:34 · Way cool graph, "The race to a billion users": www.asymco.com/2010/09/02/the-race-to-a-billion-users/ [Original.]

Thursday 10:59 · @dariuus No, the one I saw was GSM. [Original, responding to @dariuus.]

Thursday 13:49 · @kaluza Hey, thanks! [Original, responding to @kaluza.]

Thursday 13:59 · @mojombo www.ft.com/cms/s/2/0ca549d2-25a9-11da-a4a7-00000e2511c8.html [Original, responding to @mojombo.]

Thursday 21:01 · @brixen Can put up with some shit if it comes with good unit-test coverage. [Original, responding to @brixen.]

Thursday 22:09 · @pamelafox Dunno about the new avatar.. [Original, responding to @pamelafox.]

Friday 01:19 · Tonight's late-night vinyl: Ozark Mountain Daredevils. In particular "It'll Shine When It Shines". In particular the title track. [Original.]

Friday 10:34 · Check out the comments on my "Story of O" piece from last week. Illuminating: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/08/31/A-Story-of-O#comments [Original.]

Friday 12:31 · OK, that's clever. NSFW language. I typed in "kisses". www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ba1BqJ4S2M [Original.]

Friday 12:59 · Porting from MonoTouch to Android lists.ximian.com/pipermail/monotouch/2010-September/002136.html ("not bad") (via @edd) [Original.]

Friday 16:19 · Latest mobile Web use by OS numbers: blog.quantcast.com/quantcast/2010/09/august-2010-mobile-os-share.html (I'd be happier if they gave their methodology.) [Original.]

Friday 19:16 · Mark is having way too much fun with AppleTV redux: @diveintomark [Original, responding to @diveintomark.]

Friday 19:18 · @warrenellis There's a Sunn O))) *and* Boris album? Must have... [Original, responding to @warrenellis.]

Friday 19:24 · Looks like I'm spending the Hallowe'en weekend in Buenos Aires. [Original.]

Saturday 00:01 · @blaine Google Developer Days, and I hear there's a RubyConf in Uruguay then too. [Original, responding to @blaine.]

Saturday 00:12 · @spam check out @onlinejob2403 [Original, responding to @onlinejob2403.]

Saturday 00:44 · @romainguy TripIt [Original, responding to @romainguy.]

Saturday 12:05 · I had honestly forgotten I had a Twitter mashup with a small but happy following. Now learning OAuth. O joy. [Original.]

Saturday 14:40 · @UoG_President The problem is filtering down to find your own 80/20 point. [Original, responding to @UoG_President.]

Saturday 17:45 · @pkedrosky Architectural/photo tour of the Stave churches up-country; oldest surviving wooden human constructs. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Saturday 17:56 · The year in Korean pop music. www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ5ZW0gYL7M via @donpark [Original, responding to @donpark.]

Sunday 08:26 · @GreatDismal Seems to me narrative strategy is a function of the author, not what part of the bookstore you bought it in. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Sunday 09:54 · Learning about Brazilian visa procedures. Eeeeek! [Original.]

Sunday 10:43 · In theory I'm coming to GDD Brazil. But they want my passport for 15 biz days to give me a visa, and I don't have 3 travel-free weeks. [Original.]

Sunday 11:02 · An Air Canada person just spontaneously and with no fuss did something fairly complicated that made my travel today much easier. [Original.]

Sunday 13:28 · Upgrade fail... Row 46 SEA to FRA. Sigh. [Original.]

Sunday 13:31 · @jobsworth Conspiracy theories ftw! [Original, responding to @jobsworth.]

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