Week ending Sunday 2010/08/15

Monday 10:04 · Upcoming gigs: Mainz, Tokyo, Aarhus www.tbray.org/ongoing/What/The%20World/Events/ [Original.]

Monday 10:18 · The Future of Mobile: Invisible, connected devices with infinite screens blog.radioactiveyak.com/2010/08/future-of-mobile-invisible-connected.html Strong piece from Reto. [Original.]

Tuesday 09:41 · @LR_Tom Having profiles for the Pentax 645 lenses but not the (immensely more popular) SLR lenses seems massively weird. [Original, responding to @LR_Tom.]

Tuesday 10:59 · @LR_Tom Indeed; one might even say "extremely overdue" :) [Original, responding to @LR_Tom.]

Tuesday 12:02 · Everyone else has an app store, why shouldn't Intel? www.appup.com/ Plus the guy & his daughter have great hair. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:38 · Tony Arcieri on the Rubies, NodeJS, EventMachine, events in general, threads, Erlang, etc... good stuff! www.unlimitednovelty.com/2010/08/multithreaded-rails-is-generally-better.html [Original.]

Tuesday 16:00 · Hang up with the power button instead of hunting the screen button: Settings->Accessibility->"Power button en ... (via @completeandroid) [Original.]

Tuesday 17:55 · Here at work, we're always emailing apps around to each other. Can't imagine not being able to do that. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:38 · It's OK to be baffled by XKCD occasionally. Just thought you'd like to know. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:33 · @spam check @Rapture5212011 [Original, responding to @Rapture5212011.]

Wednesday 12:17 · 11K followers. Not terribly interesting, but I note the curve's 2nd deriv is positive. True of Twitter as a whole? [Original.]

Wednesday 17:40 · Working in SFO without paying exhorbitant WiFi rates via Android tethering. An unlocked phone costs more but might pay for itself. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:40 · @spam check @paulrobie [Original, responding to @CherylWinslow.]

Wednesday 17:47 · @graysky Well, the line's pointing up and is curvy #anecdotalMath [Original, responding to @graysky.]

Wednesday 18:02 · @colintoal T-Mobile [Original, responding to @colintoal.]

Wednesday 18:12 · @colintoal They say that Craigslist & EBay are your friends [Original, responding to @colintoal.]

Wednesday 19:30 · @spam check @PingSFO [Original, responding to @PingSFO.]

Wednesday 19:51 · Trying not to cackle with glee over Demand Media's issues. [Original.]

Thursday 09:08 · A general theory of "Lost": www.economist.com/blogs/democracyinamerica/2010/08/stimulus [Original.]

Thursday 18:34 · Speaking only for myself as an individual of course: Fuck Oracle. [Original.]

Thursday 19:13 · One word: SCOracle (via @jcheng) [Original.]

Thursday 21:37 · Galaxy: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/08/12/Samsung-Galaxy [Original.]

Thursday 21:59 · Small Airport Victories: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/08/12/Android-Boasting [Original.]

Friday 00:14 · @spam check @msj0ylet08 [Original, responding to @msj0ylet08.]

Friday 19:11 · @headius That's not true as long as the name itself is a registered trademark. [Original, responding to @headius.]

Saturday 20:39 · Yow, dropped my MacBook about 2 feet on a soft carpet and the screen is all cracked. Just the top level... seems to work fine. [Original.]

Sunday 10:26 · Think you've seen pole dancing? Brace yourself... www.wimp.com/indiangymnastics/ [Original.]

Sunday 21:42 · @cbeust Conventional wisdom is that the ecosystem gap between XML & JSON just isn't big enough. [Original, responding to @cbeust.]

Sunday 22:11 · Nazis in a teapot: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2010/08/13/Nazis-in-a-Teapot [Original.]

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