The primary recreational activity in our cottage life isn’t boating or hiking or swimming or any of those undoubtedly worthy and improving pastimes; it’s leaning back in a comfy chair on the deck admiring the view, frequently through a camera with a great big chunk of glass on the front, with a refreshing drink (this can range from a stiff G&T to a nice cuppa T).

In this series, the tool is the big Tokina, the subject is faraway mountains, and the drink is Quail’s Gate Rosé, which works just fine with those mountains and that lens.

The effect you get, when shooting through several kilometres of air with a fixed-focal-length 400mm lens, is sort of hazy and ethereal and I like it a lot. I shot these in early summer when there was still lots of snow on the mountains.

Faraway Mountains around Howe Sound 1
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Faraway Mountains around Howe Sound 2
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Faraway Mountains around Howe Sound 3

I’m not sure there are any better ways to enjoy a glass of wine.

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August 05, 2010
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