Cottage Life almost by definition occurs near the water and in our case, lacking road access, is necessarily punctuated by time spent messing about in boats. This is an activity with many rewards, chief among them the things you see.

First, heading more or less west across Howe Sound, looking back at morning over the coastal range.

The mountains at the east rim of Howe Sound

This is just the kind of thing that helps when you’re trying to find your way inside the Android technologies and Google cultures and feeling somewhat daunted by both paths forward.

We don’t have a boat and thus employ a variety of ferry and water-taxi resources, often routing us through Gibsons, a town which combines pleasantly-faded television stardom with an extremely efficient small-boat terminus.

Today our taxi was running on Island Time, so I amused myself by pointing a camera at the clustered boats. I particularly liked this one.

Nautical scene in the harbor at Gibsons Landing

Further reflection upon the scene suggested that the best bit was that hard-working red-black-and-white hull.

Old boat hull in the harbor at Gibsons Landing

We could only manage a day trip this weekend. On the way back the raincloud-shrouded mountains were even more beautiful than at morning but I just leaned back and left the camera in the bag.


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From: Chris (Apr 04 2010, at 21:36)

Hi Tim,

I have fond memories of Gibson's (I know it as Gibson's Landing).

My uncle and aunt lived there in the early 70's, while my mom's parents lived in New Westminster. They had a house up on the hillside, with a nice telescope and binoculars to scope out the passing ships.

Family vacations for us (living in Oregon at the time) were a week in the Vancouver area (to visit the grandparents), then a week over the ferry to Gibson's.

Best times of my life as a 'tween.

You're a lucky bum, to have the cabin, plus the trip, but you knew that already. ;)



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