Week ending Sunday 2010/02/28

Monday 13:25 · That's a hell of a graph: blog.twitter.com/2010/02/measuring-tweets.html [Original.]

Monday 13:27 · @vambenepe That notion gives me severe pain at an intuitive level. Maybe publish use cases? [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Monday 14:36 · Hey @gruber, do please summarize your SSD findings for the rest of us. [Original.]

Monday 19:16 · @doriantaylor Weirdly, I also pretty well torched a wok this evening. Fortunately a cheap old one. [Original, responding to @doriantaylor.]

Monday 20:21 · @dailyshoot Sideways and Three Deep www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4380543745/ #ds99 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Monday 20:41 · My Mac was acting kinda sluggish & weird. Hm, 31 days uptime, poor little thing. The OS instance thanked me as I put the gun to its head. [Original.]

Monday 20:56 · OK, ice dance is fun to watch, but in what sane universe is it a "sport"? Why no piano competition in the summer Olympics? [Original.]

Monday 21:08 · @zerocattle Your husband has a point. I'd remove anything where judges decide who wins. BTW skate judging is notoriously corrupt. [Original, responding to @zerocattle.]

Monday 21:33 · @james_clark Yep. Just throw out everything where judges pick the winners, and you'd come out ahead. [Original, responding to @james_clark.]

Tuesday 10:03 · This guy tweeted his way through being trapped in a fire, not bad: @jackerhack [Original.]

Tuesday 12:44 · As usual, Northern Voice tickets are going fast, get yours now: 2010.northernvoice.ca/ [Original.]

Tuesday 19:51 · @johnbattelle I'm really hoping it didn't work. [Original, responding to @johnbattelle.]

Tuesday 21:57 · @dailyshoot Off By One www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4384307452/ #ds100 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Tuesday 22:34 · Here are your real Olympic heroes: www.geoffmeggs.ca/2010/02/24/citys-front-line-against-2010-garbage/ [Original.]

Wednesday 09:01 · I will admit to finding Lost quite entertaining. But yep, last night's was a stinker. Totally "Riven" btw. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:36 · @binary42 Awwww. And with luck, some more actual technology-related posts in the near future. [Original, responding to @binary42.]

Wednesday 09:44 · @binary42 I recommend not trying to catch up. Just get in the flow one day. We're all busy, dshoot only works if it's a small sideline. [Original, responding to @binary42.]

Wednesday 16:59 · Remember, Canada: no lead is safe if Bobby Lu has One Of Those Days [Original.]

Wednesday 17:45 · It may not be close, but it's still fun to watch. In certain scenarios, more *is* better. [Original.]

Wednesday 22:42 · @dailyshoot Boob Tubes www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4386176725/ #ds101 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Thursday 08:51 · Lineup for Olympic women's curling semis is huge twitgoo.com/f3sq9 [Original.]

Thursday 16:11 · Intelligent RESTful-yea-or-nay discussion at stage.vambenepe.com/archives/1300 - Make sure you read the comments! [Original.]

Thursday 18:54 · Ooh, I want Quake on my NexusOne: code.google.com/p/kwaak3/ [Original.]

Thursday 22:30 · @KentBeck Nope, best are ones that help both ways. [Original, responding to @KentBeck.]

Thursday 23:51 · @dailyshoot Within the Rhythm www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4389486760/ #ds102 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Friday 00:19 · Yesterday's Dailyshoot dailyshoot.com/assignments/102 provoked some remarkable photographs. [Original.]

Friday 13:14 · Just resigned from Sun/Oracle. Not currently looking for another job. [Original.]

Friday 13:38 · Thanks for the kind words. Home Internet borked, the Android is my only link to the world. [Original.]

Friday 16:44 · I can confirm that @yukihiro_matz didn't fire me. [Original, responding to @yukihiro_matz.]

Friday 22:21 · @kk Lou Reed wrote a song about that called "Work". It's good. [Original, responding to @kk.]

Saturday 11:46 · This is going to require lots of infrastructure maintenance: Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc etc... [Original.]

Saturday 15:07 · Aaaaand it's Canada vs. THE PANTS. [Original.]

Saturday 15:56 · Kevin got his opening deuce, it just took him four ends to get it. [Original.]

Saturday 20:11 · Hint: If your theory says that something that observably works well is broken, revisit your theory. pchiusano.blogspot.com/2010/01/actors-are-not-good-concurrency-model.html [Original.]

Saturday 20:14 · @BWJones I want one of those with Zeiss optics and a FireWire jack behind my ear, for downloading captured images. [Original, responding to @BWJones.]

Saturday 22:53 · @dailyshoot Skyline With Illuminations www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4393619089/ #ds104 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Saturday 23:18 · Changed my address on Facebook and all of a sudden I'm getting dozens of spammy friend requests. Hmm [Original.]

Sunday 10:50 · @KentBeck The simplest hypothesis would be that VCs aren't very smart? [Original, responding to @KentBeck.]

Sunday 11:25 · @KentBeck Check the last para in www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2004/01/29/TermsheetBounce I wonder if anyone's tried that pitch? [Original, responding to @KentBeck.]

Sunday 12:39 · The streets of Vancouver are empty, silent. [Original.]

Sunday 12:40 · Lauren invited her knitting coven over to watch the game. I've never watched hockey with five women before. [Original.]

Sunday 14:08 · Hockey game is getting increasingly choppy. Prediction: It's gonna get settled by a lucky bounce and a scramble. [Original.]

Sunday 14:23 · Who's number 11 for Canada? The guy's forechecking like a god. [Original.]

Sunday 15:02 · @br3nda There've been some really chunky goalies. But flexible & fast seem to win. [Original, responding to @br3nda.]

Sunday 16:41 · Vancouver is going insane. Something that gives so much happiness to so many can't be a bad thing. [Original.]

Sunday 16:59 · @diveintomark What's the standard low-risk way to root it? And do you still recommend cyanogen? [Original, responding to @diveintomark.]

Sunday 17:01 · @fridgebuzz The French version is worse: "Car ton bras sait porter l'épée,/Il sait porter la croix!" [Original, responding to @fridgebuzz.]

Sunday 17:44 · Hoping the partiers keep it together tonight. Cops smiling so far but looking tense; praying for rain but I don't think they'll get it. [Original.]

Sunday 18:20 · Closing ceremony kinda lame so far, guess I'll go cook. [Original.]

Sunday 20:17 · @gruber Gimme a break, Apple's silence is all about marketing strategy, nothing else. It seems to be working. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Sunday 20:19 · We bailed on the ceremonies in favour of dinner right after Neil finished. Sounds like it was a good call. [Original.]

Sunday 21:07 · @dailyshoot Pick-up Game www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/4397549342/ #ds105 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Sunday 22:19 · @jobsworth Attended the Neil Young Project at the Cultural Olympiad. Highlight: Elvis Costello on Cowgirl in the Sand/Cinnamon Girl. [Original, responding to @jobsworth.]

Sunday 22:20 · @jobsworth Also: Saw the Rust Never Sleeps tour in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens, 100 years ago. Oh my. [Original, responding to @jobsworth.]

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