Something about my Current Status post the other day touched a nerve, and a substantial number of people wanted me to pass on the fact that they’re hiring and might well be interested in Sun alumni. (Hmm... now this piece is provoking “us too” notices. I’ll update, for a while anyhow.)

Of course, I should mention that at the recent Oracle/Sun media event, all the executives we’re wearing “We’re Hiring!” buttons; probably not Sun alumni right now, but lots of people aren’t and we get to be at the top of the list. Here are the rest:

  • The Googlers were well-represented; I heard from Denton Gentry (“There are many Sun alumni at Google, and many reqs open. To me Google feels similar to Sun in 1990s”), John Panzer, and a couple others whose tweets I can’t find now.

  • From Nuxeo, Stefane Fermigier.

  • From, Peter Morelli (“Why not join the party”).

  • From Red Hat, Rich Sharples (“java, virt., Linux — always happy to put a good word in for ex sunnies I know and respect.”)

  • From NexJ Systems, Greg Fenton. Greg worked for me as an intern about 100 years ago.

  • From Yahoo!, Sam Pullara suggests following @YahooEngRecruit. Mary Smaragdis adds a pointer to their careers page.

  • From VMware, Jian Zhen.

  • From Mozilla, Rob Sayre suggests visiting their careers page.

  • David Van Couvering says his group at Symantec (based in SFO) is hiring too.

  • From Accenture, Will Snow.

  • From Microsoft, Matt Thompson.

  • From Twitter, Alex Payne points at their jobs page.

  • From Atlassian (JIRA & Confluence); hiring in both Sydney and SF, says Dave O’Flynn.

  • From Joyent, Mark Mayo remarks that, as the world’s largest OpenSolaris installation, they’re particularly interested in Sun alumni.

  • From Performable, Elias Torres.

  • From LinkedIn, Alex Feinberg, who goes by @strlen on Twitter, which has to tell you something.

  • Tony Haile from Betworks says they’re the company behind, Summize/TwitterSearch, Chartbeat and Tweetdeck, and are hiring for a bunch of different companies for those interested in the real-time web and social media.

  • Robert Hahn points to the careers page for Primal Fusion, “A very young company looking to make a big splash with our semantic technology platform. We're doing a lot of development with Java and Python.”

  • From The Collaborative Software Initiative, Mike Herrick, in particular looking for a Core Developer - NoSQL Database.


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From: Greg Fenton (Feb 16 2010, at 14:11)

I was not an intern for Tim 100 years ago. I was young and naive, but not an intern.

Seriously Tim, did you often take interns down to California to meet poor hackers...who then turned out to be worth $1B each a year later? (The hackers, not the intern).



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