That’s the name of a pretty nice park on Vancouver’s University Endowment Lands, which sort-of belong to UBC but can’t for the moment be covered with condo towers, which is a Good Thing. Observing in the Saturday morning forecast the heavy rain I now hear on Sunday evening as I write this, I determined that force-marching the urchins into the Pacific Spirit woods would be a good idea. Plus, I brought my camera.

It was a good idea. The sky was grey and the light thus dim, but being alone among trees (save for the occasional dog-walker) is good. I can’t force my children to love nature but I’ll be damned if they reach adulthood without regular exposure to it. It’s a pity I don’t run pictures of the kids here because I got a few good ones posed among the standing and fallen forest giants.

Anyhow, it gets pretty vertical in there.

Many vertical trees in Vancouver’s Pacific Spirit park
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Many vertical trees in Vancouver’s Pacific Spirit park

Those two pictures are within a couple hundred meters of each other, but facing different directions, a different species mix among the trees, and well, different lenses.

The woods are interesting in the small as well as the large. Below is a random twig festooned with the moss that characterizes a rain forest.

Moss-laden branches

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