Week ending Sunday 2009/09/13

Monday 02:52 · Ruby World dinner entertainment twitpic.com/gty6a [Original.]

Monday 18:03 · Matz keynote at #RWC2009 - history of programming through the decades. Building to a claim that the golden age is now. [Original.]

Monday 18:12 · Gaijin say: Thanks to Matz for bilingual slides. [Original.]

Monday 18:30 · Matz keynoting: twitpic.com/gx7g9 [Original.]

Monday 18:58 · Nice slide about love: twitpic.com/gxbm9 [Original.]

Monday 19:02 · Drat wrong pick, here's the love: twitpic.com/gxc8e [Original.]

Monday 19:33 · Jeremy Kemper is impressing me: twitpic.com/gxgam [Original.]

Monday 23:49 · Just had high-quality Shimane green tea, tea-ceremony style, for the first time. Bracing, bitter, and excellent. [Original.]

Tuesday 17:28 · The garden at the Adachi museum: twitpic.com/h10kr [Original.]

Tuesday 20:38 · Lunch near Izumo airport: twitpic.com/h1p22 [Original.]

Wednesday 20:39 · From the Tokyo monorail twitpic.com/h5qoi [Original.]

Thursday 01:51 · Made it to Narita. I think I owe my life to a hot bowl of soup with Udon. [Original.]

Thursday 11:36 · Aaaaah... riding the train into my home town in the sun. [Original.]

Thursday 12:07 · Home from Tokyo, oops, no keys & nobody home. No prob, wifi and comfy chairs on the back porch. [Original.]

Thursday 19:09 · @brentsimmons No sweat, that XML stuff will never catch on. [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Thursday 20:01 · Thought Gordon Brown's Turing apology was super-classy. Well done. [Original.]

Thursday 20:18 · Shorter Twitter terms of service: "You own your tweets. So do we." [Original.]

Thursday 21:01 · I find NetNewsWire works much better standalone than with google sync on. [Original.]

Thursday 21:03 · @duncan I kinda lean to finding the subject first. But then I shoot as a side-effect of walking around. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Friday 07:21 · 島根 September — Matsue Morning: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/09/10/Shimane-Matsue-Morning [Original.]

Friday 14:50 · The REXML test suite: 2 big tests, 7 big assertions. Well, then. [Original.]

Friday 16:57 · Congrats to @MMaryMary, Y! can use the help and she's a major energy source: blogs.sun.com/mary [Original, responding to @MMaryMary.]

Friday 17:00 · Now *that's* a conference program: rubyconf.org/pages/program [Original.]

Friday 17:13 · When I sign up for a conference in the SFO Embassy Suites which runs over a Saturday, that's making a statement. [Original.]

Friday 19:47 · Snow Leopard: Not admiring iTunes' new brutal-black-and-white look. [Original.]

Friday 19:51 · @morrildl The (medium-small) woman I'd like to wear that dress looked at the measurements and blanched. [Original, responding to @morrildl.]

Saturday 08:46 · This "world's oldest person" gig is perilous work, they keep dying. [Original.]

Saturday 09:36 · Matsue castle (松江城) : www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/09/12/Shimane-Matsue-Castle [Original.]

Saturday 11:18 · Wow, a whole day and RubyConf isn't sold out yet. I guess Ruby must be over; let's all Erlang. [Original.]

Saturday 11:27 · Woops, per @rbazinet, correct that, RubyConf *is* sold out in <24hrs, as usual. Still the new er 16-year-old hotness. [Original, responding to @rbazinet.]

Saturday 12:55 · @john_lam Perhaps hang on a bit, maybe the best right now is the back-ordered PanaLX3; couple months it & new CanonS90 shd be available. [Original, responding to @john_lam.]

Saturday 13:15 · @dhh Switch to Camino [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Saturday 15:47 · I was shopping for a seventh-birthday present and had to buy this adorable GNU: twitpic.com/hi0cx [Original.]

Saturday 16:08 · Now that the service pack is out, time to take the Snow Leopard leap. Wish me luck [Original.]

Saturday 19:22 · OMG doing some mass CPAN upgrades and suddenly my computer started talking to me in the "cellos" voice. Just about jumped outta my chair. [Original.]

Saturday 19:36 · Gack, Snow Leopard broke DBD::mysql and MacPorts. [Original.]

Saturday 21:35 · R.I.P. Norman Borlaug. Probably the only human being who likely saved a billion lives. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Norman_Borlaug [Original.]

Saturday 22:31 · "Pandore", a lovely little short film. 2:25 of smiles, I promise: www.gobelins.fr/galerie/animation/film2009-pandore.htm [Original.]

Saturday 22:37 · Time machine backup post-Snow-Leopard: 12KB of 11.54 GB. Been that way for a while. Urgh. [Original.]

Sunday 09:33 · In case you didn't know, more or less a billion mobile phones are delivered a year, these days. [Original.]

Sunday 11:36 · This Tuesday, come see what's been cooking: www.oracle.com/webapps/events/EventsDetail.jsp?p_eventId=101511 [Original.]

Sunday 12:59 · Poor old Cincinnati [Original.]

Sunday 23:56 · RubyWorld conference write-up, with lotsa pix: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/09/13/Shimane-Rubyworld-Conference [Original.]

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