Week ending Sunday 2009/05/03

Monday 0:48 · Atheist evangelism FTW: www.nytimes.com/glogin?URI=http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/27/us/27atheist.html&OQ=_rQ3D1&OP=102fdc46Q2Fk5Q27Q2AkfBQ60qQ23BBWQ5DkQ5DQ26Q26Q2FkQ261kQ5DCkQ22qkQ5DCQ5CWKQ27Q24qWQ3AKWG) [Original.]

Monday 16:07 · Less Like Oration: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/04/25/Long-and-Short-Forms [Original.]

Tuesday 6:51 · A Painful Decision: afreshcup.com/2009/04/28/a-painful-decision/ I don't think this is just a tempest in a teapot. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:40 · Valrhona chocolate, OMG obscenely good. [Original.]

Tuesday 19:40 · Was thinking about picking up a couple of Canucks playoff tickets, but don't care enough to spend the big bucks. Sofa at home it is. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:18 · DMTF vs OGF: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/04/28/Cloud-Standards (It's OK if you haven't heard of either). [Original.]

Wednesday 9:59 · Thanks, _why, for "A Selection Of Thoughts From Actual Women": hackety.org/2009/04/29/aSelectionOfThoughtsFromActualWomen.html [Original.]

Wednesday 14:22 · @StationA Is it true that a foul sulfurous stench of evil hangs about anyone from Ticketmaster? [Original, responding to @StationA.]

Wednesday 14:33 · Watching the pilot walking around the bird that's gonna take me outta Logan soon. I'm sure it's just fine, Captain. [Original.]

Thursday 9:50 · Horrible disaster. Major, and I mean MAJOR, toothpaste explosion in my travel toiletries kit. Mess not to be believed. [Original.]

Thursday 15:09 · Nastiness: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/04/30/Unhappy-Ruby [Original.]

Thursday 15:27 · Wow, @joewilcox (longtime MS-watching journo) latest victim of mainstream media's implosion. Need a biz model to pay someone to watch MSFT [Original.]

Thursday 15:45 · @twleung No... it's that Erlang is *weird*. [Original, responding to @twleung.]

Thursday 23:56 · Currently ripping the Stax/Volt singles compilation, just possibly the single greatest collection of music ever to inhabit 9 CDs. [Original.]

Friday 0:05 · Relatedly, Booker T Jones' latest album features Crazy Horse including Neil. They say it's good. www.bookert.com/ [Original.]

Friday 0:43 · "No American Agent Will Get Through Our Village": blogs.sun.com/branajam/entry/communist_propaganda [Original.]

Friday 7:46 · @snoopdave Heh, it's a $7 *billion* deal. Lawyers in ultra-paranoid mode, and I can't blame 'em. [Original, responding to @snoopdave.]

Friday 14:01 · Wondering when RubyConf is this year (@rich_kilmer, I'm looking at you) [Original, responding to @rich_kilmer.]

Saturday 18:13 · Tweeting from the Merc on Howe Sound: www.mercurylaunch.com Lovely! [Original.]

Saturday 20:37 · @GreatDismal is William Gibson. [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Saturday 20:44 · Another good reason not to believe in God: www.cnn.com/2009/US/04/30/religion.torture/ [Original.]

Sunday 11:40 · Incredibly important demographics news: www.wilsoncenter.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=wq.essay&essay_id=519403 Seriously, I don't think I've read anything as important in years, maybe. [Original.]

Sunday 13:17 · My get-up-and-go has got up and gone. [Original.]

Sunday 14:03 · @dewitt Key problem with the Air is that the biggest storage option is 128G. [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Sunday 14:42 · "In the air, nobody knows what’s on your feet." localhost/ongoing/When/200x/2009/05/03/Socks-and-Sandals [Original.]

Sunday 14:45 · @brentsimmons Espresso has less caffeine than Norteamericano filter coffee. A lot less. Also, medium roast has more than dark, I hear. [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Sunday 15:04 · "In the air, nobody knows what’s on your feet." www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/05/03/Socks-and-Sandals (Sigh, wrong URL last time) [Original.]

Sunday 18:18 · @nelson ActiveRecord achieves tolerability by severely constraining generality. Real question: is there a tolerable *generalized* ORM? Nope. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Sunday 19:04 · I am predisposed, on good grounds, to believe that Wolfram Alpha is overhyped puffery that will change nothing. Would like to be wrong. [Original.]

Sunday 19:16 · Takashi has sobering influenza stats from Japan: twitter.com/shita/status/1691104856 [Original.]

Sunday 19:18 · A terribly frightening smile: blogs.reuters.com/reuters-dealzone/2009/04/30/customer-to-venture-capitalists-please-go-out-of-business/ [Original.]

Sunday 19:33 · It's not every day you discover a truly good new geek blog: perilsofparallel.blogspot.com/ [Original.]

Sunday 22:36 · Listening to Third World's "96° in the Shade". Mmmmmmmmm. If you like reggae (or just deep funk) and don't know it, snap it up. [Original.]

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