Week ending Sunday 2009/02/08

Monday 14:49 · Trying to think of an excuse to go to the MySQL conference in April: www.mysqlconf.com/mysql2009/public/content/home [Original.]

Monday 15:03 · Stray Sunbeam: Sara Dornsife: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/02/02/Sara-Dornsife [Original.]

Monday 22:38 · Hah! @enterprisey [Original.]

Tuesday 0:19 · "Maybe I know too many executives and not enough ninjas." www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/02/02/Author-At-Work [Original.]

Tuesday 11:54 · Hey, Andi Gutmans gets the steering wheel at Zend. I've long thought Zend should do better than it has. Good luck Andi: www.infoworld.com/article/09/02/03/Zend-names-co-founder-CEO_1.html?source=rss&url=http://www.infoworld.com/article/09/02/03/Zend-names-co-founder-CEO_1.html [Original.]

Tuesday 12:03 · The silver lining of downsizing; RT @estherschindler: "Look at it this way. The good news is that I no longer report to an asshole." [Original.]

Tuesday 14:24 · On Apple's missing iPhone "push" service: Android experience seems to show that allowing backgrounded apps has limited/acceptable downside. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:53 · twittering from the opera. Carmen mmmm delicious. [Original.]

Tuesday 23:47 · There's one more performance of Carmen & if you're in Vancouver I totally recommend it. Outstanding show. www.vancouveropera.ca/ [Original.]

Wednesday 10:23 · "Man held after getting off a flight with live pigeons in his trousers" news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7869301.stm [Original.]

Wednesday 10:40 · Rinat Shaham sings Habanera. Saw her last night in Vancouver. Check it out: www.youtube.com/watch?v=OcnsMnRMN2U [Original.]

Wednesday 12:40 · @psd Ooh I'd love to read that because I can't figure it out at all. Many of the players deserve some offending. [Original, responding to @psd.]

Wednesday 12:46 · @gillianshaw What happens at a "Twestival"? [Original, responding to @gillianshaw.]

Wednesday 13:32 · I'm editing a RESTful Cloud API in a Wiki. I positively glow with up-to-the-minute-ness. Wait, that was last year. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:31 · Typocalypse: flickr.com/photos/larsveldkamp/sets/72157607710779069/ [Original.]

Thursday 0:13 · Jeepers, I spent essentially the whole day grinding away on one wiki page and related arguments. Time for a small scotch. [Original.]

Thursday 0:17 · @brianaker Burn it to the ground and piss on the embers, I'm with ya. Chances are, of course, that it will be cosmically lame. [Original, responding to @brianaker.]

Thursday 1:11 · Pseudobabyloniana. Just saying. [Original.]

Thursday 8:10 · I've always been ashamed to admit that I hate HTML templating: www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001223.html [Original.]

Thursday 14:20 · Hmf. ~5% packet loss to the whole world. My ISP or just a Bad Internet Day? [Original.]

Thursday 19:43 · OK, I have to say, those new G buttons, as appearing on Gmail, are pretty slick. [Original.]

Thursday 22:12 · Enrich your life; take West African drumming lessons. In Vancouver, drumming.ca [Original.]

Thursday 22:50 · Remarkable photos of Iceland: photo.net/photos/Thrainn%20Vigfusson [Original.]

Thursday 23:49 · @olabini My son is studying Mandarin and making remarkably fast progress. Of course, he's only nine years old. [Original, responding to @olabini.]

Friday 1:22 · 2008/12/23, Four PM: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/02/06/2008-12-23 [Original.]

Friday 7:37 · Why does Air Canada hate its customers so much? [Original.]

Friday 9:58 · In the background, that Plant/Krauss/Burnett record. Rootsy. Not terrible. www.robertplantalisonkrauss.com/ [Original.]

Friday 11:00 · Intertubes feel kinda subdued today. And there was less traffic on the road this morning. World-mojo running low? [Original.]

Friday 12:26 · Yow.... using Erlang to manage PHP. This smells good to me: andy.wordpress.com/2009/02/06/persistent-php-processes-in-erlang-otp/ [Original.]

Friday 12:34 · Cloud-related multimedia: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss02sfQinxI [Original.]

Saturday 0:20 · The "routine" midnight trip to the emergency ward with the croupy toddler. [Original.]

Saturday 1:06 · I gotta say having an android makes the frozen time of the midnight emergency ward much more bearable. [Original.]

Saturday 12:05 · I still get these emails sometimes: From: <elided> (no subject) how do I get an xml? [Original.]

Saturday 20:17 · Good God, 46°C in Melbourne. Can't imagine what that is like. [Original.]

Saturday 23:10 · Reconfigured home firewall replacing 12-year-old(!) Dell running Debian with 4-year-old Linksys BEFSR41. If you see this, it worked. [Original.]

Saturday 23:10 · @duncan You totally had to write that story. Thnks. [Original, responding to @duncan.]

Sunday 0:33 · @matthewlaird Yeah, PPPOE no prob. Internal DHCP no prob. Port forwarding (incl ssh) no prob. Well, no prob after first 2 hours. [Original, responding to @matthewlaird.]

Sunday 0:33 · How could one not follow @OHHDL ? [Original.]

Sunday 17:16 · 中村文夫 is just having too much fun with his Panasonic G1: dc.watch.impress.co.jp/cda/review/2009/02/09/10158.html [Original.]

Sunday 17:51 · On Email: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/02/08/On-Email [Original.]

Sunday 17:53 · @hiro_asari Sadly, can't read Japanese. But I think I'm getting a lot of the message with the focal length, f-stop, and samples. [Original, responding to @hiro_asari.]

Sunday 17:55 · @SrVerde Hey Rich, try an Android G1. Slick phone + open ecosystem + POJO goodness. [Original, responding to @SrVerde.]

Sunday 21:58 · @TrevorBramble OpenMoko promising but I also need a phone that I can use every day, OM not really ready for prime-time yet. [Original, responding to @TrevorBramble.]

Sunday 22:38 · @gnat You're talking G1? Official guidelines are "Don't do that, let the system clean 'em up when it needs resources." [Original, responding to @gnat.]

Sunday 23:02 · @gnat You can get a shell if you have the IDE and a USB cable. Failing that, all I can think of is cycle the power. [Original, responding to @gnat.]

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