[This is part of the Android Diary.] Pocket-escapism, batteries, and ssh.

Item: The phone is dense; heavy for its size. Its faces are smooth, some gently curved. All of which means that it’s a first-rate pocket escaper. Many will slip it into an upper vest or jacket pocket if they’ve got one. (I initially wrote “many men”; I wonder if that’s fair?) Anyhow, if you do this, then when you bend over, that phone is gonzo unless the pocket has a flap and it’s fastened. I’m on the road and it’s already slyly vanished into two suitcases I was unpacking.

Item: The battery generally sucks. What with being on our honeymoon, I’m using it pretty heavily. Also I’m out in the country with an occasional half-bar of cell network, so it’s probably burning quite a few milliwatts searching. But still, it ought to get through a whole day without needing a recharge, and it doesn’t. It does seem to recharge pretty fast, though.

Item: Connectbot is seriously cool; it’s an ssh client that seems, near as I can tell, to Just Work. I’ve already been to tbray.org a couple of times for administrative chores. For my next trick, I need to figure out how to ssh into the phone.


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From: Mariano Kamp (Dec 23 2008, at 23:59)

I think it's even better then the browser's back button.

When finish() is called on an activity it is removed from the stack.

Let me explain with an example: You want to send a message to someone, to select that someone you click browse contacts or something and go to a new screen, select the person (finish()) and go to the next screen. When pushing the back button you don't have to go back to selecting the person like in a web browser, but you go back to the screen before that.

After disabling bluetooth and gps the battery life of my G1 is fine. Not as good as my iPhone's, but a good couple of hours of constant surfing.


From: David Terrell (Dec 24 2008, at 01:11)

I've had similar problems with the iPhone and partially chose a rubberized protective case for it that was high-friction to help address the issue (I remove the case when I'm putting it in a jeans pocket).

I've also had many harmful experiences with gravity and electronics and chest pockets, I've broken two digital cameras that way...


From: Alan Green (Jan 02 2009, at 14:13)

I initially had short battery life too. A couple of deep discharge-recharge cycles fixed it, and now the phone can get almost two full days without a charge.

Another strangeness: if you wait for the G1 to fully charge, then turn it off, it goes back to charging for a while. Bizarre.


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