Week ending Sunday 2008/09/28

Monday 0:41 · Think yer a foodie? In Vancouver we take it seriously: foodosophy.wordpress.com/2008/09/22/menya-japanese-noodle-vancouver-bc/ [Original.]

Monday 0:43 · @kk Photocamp? Ooooooooh. Do tell. [Original, responding to @kk.]

Monday 0:49 · Bravo @duncan for the bitter truth on megapixel numbers. As with many things, less is more. [Original.]

Monday 0:53 · Titles you gotta like: "Paulo Anarkao, docu-trash à Groland" www.ecrans.fr/Paulo-Anarkao-docu-trash-a-Groland,5181.html [Original.]

Monday 1:19 · Hey, Chinese script kiddies with your EXEC(@S) hack? Quit wasting bandwidth. You're pathetic. [Original.]

Monday 8:48 · Guy across the street breaking up a concrete staircase with a sledge-hammer. Um, my job doesn't suck. [Original.]

Monday 9:54 · @monkchips Wow, you don't hear "Oracle" and "cut your costs" often appearing within 140 characters of each other. [Original, responding to @monkchips.]

Monday 9:55 · @shanselman Come to the dark side. The dark *red* side I mean. I have AtomPub clientware for ya, in Ruby. [Original, responding to @shanselman.]

Monday 10:20 · The Pentax firmament shudders: www.pentax.jp/english/news/2008/200818.html [Original.]

Monday 10:23 · Any meetups or drinkups or other fun in London Oct 6-9? [Original.]

Monday 10:39 · @monkchips FOWA party evening of the 8th; other evenings free so far. [Original, responding to @monkchips.]

Monday 11:08 · @KathySierra I think "I think..." is good practice, actually. [Original, responding to @KathySierra.]

Monday 11:29 · @pkedrosky Doesn't Roubini's predicted run on the ultraleveraged hedgies really end up hurting their bankers most of all? Shudder. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Monday 13:58 · @pkedrosky The Dodd/Frank proposal seems pretty substantial to me. And infinitely more saleable, politically, which matters. [Original, responding to @pkedrosky.]

Monday 14:12 · ZOMG start Ruby 1.9 and type Encoding.aliases.keys [Original.]

Monday 20:50 · Damn, sorry world, glad to report that Charles Goldfarb has *not* left us. Oops. [Original.]

Tuesday 10:02 · Interesting OO.o/web mashup. Think wiki with less-lame authoring. Must drill down a bit... www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI0AEJkotzM [Original.]

Tuesday 10:11 · Java now *officially* RESTful: jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=311 and jcp.org/en/jsr/results?id=4715 [Original.]

Tuesday 10:27 · Bernanke: "If we're dealing with going concerns, we don't want to do anything that will drive their share price down to zero" [Original.]

Tuesday 10:27 · Uh, if they're going concerns with a share price that's gonna hold up, they don't need the help, right? [Original.]

Tuesday 10:31 · With GMaps Street View on the G1, you don't have to actually look at the actual street any more, just hold the phone in front of your face. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:35 · Paulson: "If we have to have companies grant equity stakes ... that would render this ineffective." WTF!? [Original.]

Wednesday 8:54 · @dweinberger I was born in 1955 and feel like a digital native [Original, responding to @dweinberger.]

Thursday 9:23 · Sitting in the JVM Languages summit. Gosling giving a historical tour. [Original.]

Thursday 11:34 · I love it in a tech preso when they say "This turns out to work very nicely." [Original.]

Thursday 15:58 · Clojure sure is pretty. [Original.]

Thursday 16:44 · Fighting the urge to step onto the slippery Lisp slope. [Original.]

Thursday 22:46 · Well, if the US were like Twitter, the election would be *so* over. [Original.]

Thursday 23:14 · The golden rule: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/09/25/The-Golden-Rule [Original.]

Friday 9:13 · @meejeet Give up on AIM, go with Jabber. [Original, responding to @meejeet.]

Friday 9:42 · Holy crap, @gafter went to Microsoft. [Original.]

Friday 9:48 · @lowbit I already have a Sigma 1.4 but yep, looks like a lovely lens. [Original, responding to @lowbit.]

Friday 11:29 · Eric Meijer is amazingly entertaining. Should shut up about things he doesn't grok, e.g. REST. [Original.]

Friday 19:51 · @tmolini Heavens, you a Republican? Must be lonely out there on Twitter. [Original, responding to @tmolini.]

Friday 19:54 · Prediction: Won't move the polls. [Original.]

Friday 20:53 · For those of you with the right sat TV channels, the Aussie Rules grand final is on. Rockers & a marching pipe band warming things up. [Original.]

Friday 22:56 · JVM language summit: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/09/25/JVM-Summit [Original.]

Saturday 0:38 · Wow, a few Repubs showing up on election.twitter.com. Both sides are shallow & vindictive, I think I shall not visit there much more. [Original.]

Saturday 1:04 · Hey, 3,001 followers. Um, thanks. [Tries to think of something witty.] [Original.]

Saturday 8:31 · @gruber I *like* "horseshit". It's a good strong word, and you can put a satisfying little snarl into it from the back of your throat. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Saturday 8:32 · "What we have here is a failure to communicate." [Original.]

Saturday 12:55 · Now *that*'s a good tweet from @CcSteff: https://twitter.com/CcSteff/statuses/937346974 [Original.]

Saturday 12:57 · Drove across town listening to Blondie's Greatest Hits. Thus, happy. [Original.]

Saturday 14:36 · Video? I doubt it. www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/09/27/Video [Original.]

Saturday 17:37 · "Subcommandante Stephen Harper": theamericanscene.com/2008/09/26/my-solution-to-the-financial-crisis [Original.]

Saturday 20:54 · Dear Canon, thanks for starting a bunch of interesting conversations with the 5DMk2. --TheWorld [Original.]

Saturday 21:04 · Bluegrass festival on PBS. Earl Scruggs can still tear it up. [Original.]

Saturday 21:41 · Oh. Um. Led Zep to tour. Not sure what I think about that. [Original.]

Saturday 22:17 · I'll see your ass in Hell, Pachelbel: www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdxkVQy7QLM [Original.]

Saturday 23:56 · Hah, beat Schneier to these squidfangs: www.newscientist.com/gallery/dn14805-science-visualised/3 [Original.]

Sunday 0:00 · Shark trouble: www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/middleeast/dubai/3087253/Sharks-attack-each-other-in-worlds-biggest-aquarium-in-Dubai.html [Original.]

Sunday 0:05 · @al3xbrown I'm shocked... shocked. [Original, responding to @al3xbrown.]

Sunday 0:08 · Tina Fey says a little prayer every morning thanking God for sending her Sarah Palin: www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/27/tina-fey-as-sarah-palin-k_n_129956.html [Original.]

Sunday 12:13 · "But that doesn’t mean we should assume all white people are like that just because so many of them are..." www.crooksandliars.com/2008/09/28/real-time-with-bill-maher-new-rules-look-beyond-the-candidates-skin-color/ [Original.]

Sunday 12:25 · not obvious which football game to watch the end of [Original.]

Sunday 12:41 · Wow, JQuery on a roll: jquery.com/blog/2008/09/28/jquery-microsoft-nokia/ [Original.]

Sunday 17:31 · @devslashnull Obama is substantially to the right of what we've had in Canada for the last 50 years and we're hanging in OK. [Original, responding to @devslashnull.]

Sunday 19:14 · @devslashnull We have 100% socialized medicine, pensions you can nearly live on, gun control, god-free politics. Yup, Obama's to our right. [Original, responding to @devslashnull.]

Sunday 19:16 · @timbray is 99 percent male gender.twitmarks.com/g.php?username=timbray [Original, responding to @timbray.]

Sunday 19:24 · Unfollow @devslashnull - Dear America, I know that this kind of cluelessness isn't typical. Unfortunately, many think you're like that. [Original.]

Sunday 19:28 · Today discovered two appealing NFL teams, Redskins and Bears. [Original.]

Sunday 20:52 · @josephgrossberg I'm OK with "corrupt warmongering morons" but fascists is dorky not to mention historically inaccurate. [Original, responding to @grossberg.]

Sunday 23:04 · FWIW my follower-acquisition rate has dropped way off. I wonder if I'm a useful proxy for Twitter growth as a whole? [Original.]

Sunday 23:20 · @henry_maddocks Yep, need to compare the derivatives of the lameness curve and the follower count curve. [Original, responding to @henry_maddocks.]

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