Being a photo of a cluster of small white flowers against a leafy backdrop.

Small white blossoms, green background

I’ve started cropping a lot of pictures into a 1:1, i.e. square, shape. It’s probably just a phase I’m going through.


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From: Justin Watt (Sep 07 2008, at 23:42)

I often wonder what Ansel Adams thought about aspect ratios. Has a study ever been done on his crops? All that to say, sometimes I think squares are nice. The rest of the time I think 3:2 is nice. But 4:3, man, that's a dog's crop.


From: Jeremy Cherfas (Sep 08 2008, at 02:21)

I like square crops too ... but more to the point, are those potato flowers? Or some other Solanum. Maybe Solanum crispum, one of the ornamental climbers.


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