Week ending Sunday 2008/06/15

Monday 7:35 · Every time I follow a link from a Yahoo Finance page, it's amazingly, irritatingly, slow. Wonder why? [Original.]

Monday 12:40 · Been offline all day so far... any info about Rogers pricing for iPhone in Canada? [Original.]

Monday 16:38 · Retweet @todmaffin - a few crumbs of Canada-iPhone news: todmaffin.com/exclusive-canadian-iphone-will-only-be-sold-with-three-year-plan [Original.]

Monday 16:42 · The Canadians who want an iPhone are the same ones who travel often to the US. Unless there's a crossborder & reasonable data plan, it's DOA [Original.]

Monday 21:58 · Girls and trucks: www.laurenwood.org/anyway/2008/06/09/girls-and-trucks/ [Original.]

Tuesday 9:14 · @codinghorror - had to write my own log reader because I'd written my own blogging package... not that this weakens your point. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Tuesday 9:16 · [Canadians] What with all the news stories, I can't stop THAT STUPID HOCKEY tune going round and round in my head. Ta-dum, dum-de-dum, etc. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:33 · Multipart/related in Atompub, looks just fine to me: www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-gregorio-atompub-multipart-00.txt [Original.]

Tuesday 11:36 · Anyone got a pointer to this mysterious Snow Leopard "Grand Central" stuff? [Original.]

Tuesday 12:58 · ISO press release on OOXML appeals: www.iso.org/iso/pressrelease.htm?refid=Ref1136 [Original.]

Tuesday 13:30 · Hate Ruby? Feel lonely? Meet like-minded people in @codinghorror's comments: www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001131.html#comments [Original.]

Tuesday 13:31 · @lobrien option-command-H [Original, responding to @lobrien.]

Tuesday 13:55 · In the www.rubyenterpriseedition.com/comparisons.html performance measurement, what are the actual requests? This numbers seem useless without that info. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:06 · Arrgh, there's a "Your carbon" tab on Dopplr. Please, I already feel guilty enough. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:07 · Added my OSCON trip to Doppr... 21 fellow-travelers will be there, heh. [Original.]

Tuesday 15:43 · @codinghorror's blog is intelligent, but his commenters include a discouraging proportion of knuckle-dragging droolers. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Tuesday 16:13 · Seeking a portable un-hidious idiom to get the unsigned value of the last *byte* in a string that'll work in both Ruby 1.8.6 and 1.9 [Original.]

Tuesday 16:17 · s[-1 .. -1].unpack('C') - surely there's something better. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:58 · Yow, XML processing in Ruby 1.9: FAIL. I mean, seriously b0rked. Gack. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:26 · @lrz Yeah, falling down on simple things. When I look at the code that's breaking I want to tear my brain out. [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Tuesday 22:32 · @chadfowler Fair point. I acknowledge freely that I have an attitude problem about REXML. I should contribute fixes or shut up. [Original, responding to @chadfowler.]

Wednesday 0:43 · We bought a cottage so we are now True Canadians: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/06/11/Keats-Island [Original.]

Wednesday 10:08 · Wow, a ferociously negative review of the might Leica M8: web.mac.com/kamberm/Leica_M8_Field_Test,_Iraq/Page_1.html [Original.]

Wednesday 11:51 · OSS geography, interesting if unsurprising (NB: based on multiple SW updates thus high-quality data): dot.netbeans.org/sunmaps/ [Original.]

Wednesday 16:36 · Just installed the Sun compiler suite on the Wide Finder machine... 1.2G *compressed*. Jebus. On the other hand, we now have FORTRAN 90. [Original.]

Thursday 12:11 · news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7451691.stm - the story is interesting, but the meta-story is too: Any group with a gripe may now be armed with cameras and uploads. [Original.]

Thursday 13:31 · Enterprisey mashup technology, and lots of it: [Original.]

Thursday 16:46 · Bram Cohen has a really good idea, mod_failgracefully: bramcohen.livejournal.com/52896.html [Original.]

Thursday 17:09 · Gangsters from London East End (36 photos) freakymartin.com/2007/12/14/gangsters-from-london-east-end-36-photos/ - brilliant but NSFW. [Original.]

Friday 9:54 · Nelson's trying to cause trouble, but I bet nobody gets excited: www.somebits.com/weblog/tech/bad/atom-vs-rss-wtf.html [Original.]

Friday 12:47 · NL can't let the French have the ball in their end for the whole 2nd half [Original.]

Friday 13:02 · Henry had has chance and missed. NL didn't. Prediction: NL-Spain in the final. [Original.]

Friday 22:29 · Gothic country grrrl music FTW: blogs.sun.com/plamere/entry/heavy_metal_hip_hop_invasion [Original.]

Friday 22:37 · @cbeust Evidence re Fan scaling, note low LOC: wikis.sun.com/display/WideFinder/Results - context at www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/05/01/Wide-Finder-2 - my first looks at Fan make me smile. [Original, responding to @cbeust.]

Friday 23:00 · @cbeust Fan code is quite readable to my eyes and seems to run fast. Two good things. Haven't looked at the build system. [Original, responding to @cbeust.]

Friday 23:00 · Developing a really jaundiced view of the term "Social media". [Original.]

Saturday 22:58 · Maybe it's a symptom of not really understanding motorsports, but I find the Le Mans cars the most beautiful of all. [Original.]

Saturday 23:00 · Deletionists are such fucknozzles. [Original.]

Saturday 23:00 · Celebrate your inadequacy: Be a deletionist. [Original.]

Saturday 23:08 · @codinghorror: Deletionists may be walking vacant spaces, but Republicans are warmongering liars, which seems worse. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Saturday 23:16 · Deletionist heaven: The only articles are on God, Kant, and Britney. [Original.]

Sunday 13:38 · Lazy Sunday: Just added a picture to Mark Pilgrim's Wikipedia entry at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Pilgrim - He'd probably disapprove. [Original.]

Sunday 13:52 · The boys are playing Wii and it couldn't read the disk, so my 8-year-old wiped it on his grubby T-shirt. Seemed to work. [Original.]

Sunday 14:42 · Twitter wasn't enough: I had to to do 8 paragraphs of vitriolic blogging about deletionist twits: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/06/15/Deletionist-Morons [Original.]

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