Last week I took a brief trip to San Francisco, and managed to escape for a walk. Lots of buildings had interesting shadows on them.

Shadows on a San Francisco afternoon
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Shadows on a San Francisco afternoon
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Shadows on a San Francisco afternoon

The old parts of San Francisco seem to age with grace, by and large.


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From: len (Jun 05 2008, at 14:20)

Good Lord willing and the faults don't creak. On my one and only trip to San Francisco (New Year's Day - 1985), my chief memories are it was gray, it was cold, and my calves hurt like hell.

Today the company gave me a Blackberry. I suppose I could learn to take photos but I think it will take a week to learn how to set the time and dial home. Gee I miss rotary phones.


From: Andy K (Jun 06 2008, at 23:26)

I think it would be interesting to mention why it is that you noticed such interesting shadows during this trip. As we get closer to the solstice, the sun in SF is becoming more overhead, and thus you get new and different shadows.

Here in Hawaii, the sun is now northerly all day, and I find myself doing double takes, especially on the mountain ranges. The northern sun that we have for a few weeks creates totally new shadows and brings out the terrain in a way we don't see the rest of the year.

I always like it when natural phenomena creep into our digital world, almost unrecognized.


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