I’ve been carrying cameras around for a while in a bag that I hated; awkward to open, awkward to get into, ugly, big outside and small inside. So the other day I picked up this little canvas National-Geographic-branded bag made by Bogen Imaging, model NG-2343.

NG-2343 camera bag

It’s really compact, smaller than the picture makes it look, with good use of internal space. I can get the K20D in with any combination of two other lenses unless they’re the hulking Sigma f1.4 and the big old Tamron telephoto; and still unobtrusive. This is another advantage of shooting with prime lenses. If you’ve got a D3 or want to carry a couple of honkin’ zooms around, forget it.

The main lid is fastened with a couple of those old-fashioned metal snaps and you can have it open in a flash. Under that is the weatherproof shell that you zip closed if there’s weather, otherwise you roll and velcro out of the way. So you can get at the camera PDQ.

Plus, there are lots of little extra pockets and pouches. Recommended. Now, I just need to get it smudged and beat-up for that authentic photojournalist look. I’m thinking bloodstains.


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From: Daniel Smith (May 22 2008, at 01:24)

Hey Tim, that's a nice looking bag.

Is there any chance you could post a photo of the bag open, with gear inside?

I'm looking for something small, light and relatively unobtrusive to take my d200 & f2.8/80-200 backpacking through China later this year ... this looks like the closest match I've seen yet.


From: Josh Tolle (May 22 2008, at 08:49)

That's a rockin' bag! I carry a Domke F-3X (http://www.tiffen.com/displayproduct.html?tablename=domke&itemnum=700-30B), which is a little more than I need right now, but I'm quickly growing into it.


From: James Duncan Davidson (May 22 2008, at 13:34)

And you'll need to somehow scuff up/scuff off the NG logo. At least I would. :)


From: Derek K. Miller (May 25 2008, at 11:47)

I'm fond of the Lowepro Slingshot 200AW backpack my wife bought me for Christmas. It acts as a single-strap sling backpack most of the time, but has a wonderful side zip pocket access that lets you swing the bag around so it hangs in front of your belly and lets you pull out the SLR in a flash without worrying about anything else (lenses, flash, AC adapter, memory cards) falling out.

It's easier to understand if you see it:



There are smaller 100AW and 300AW versions. All have a clever waterproof overbag cover that pulls out of the bottom of the backpack to cover the rest of the bag like a raincoat for inclement weather.


From: Andy K (Jun 06 2008, at 23:43)

I'm with James. Actually, I don't like the fact the logo is embroidered because I prefer to remove the logo completely. Admittedly, NG is pretty obscure in the photography world, but nothing says steal-me like a Lowe.


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