Week ending Sunday 2008/05/18

Monday 8:30 · @codinghorror is so right. Just turn the big XML switch in the sky off. Anything that was used to invent SOAP has to go: www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/001114.html [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Monday 9:58 · @estherschindler - something that's carefully designed to prevent IBM/Microsoft architecture-astronautics land-grabs. [Original, responding to @estherschindler.]

Monday 10:05 · @monkchips - Over in the Sun sales org, it ain't hands-off at all. Which is good. [Original, responding to @monkchips.]

Monday 11:11 · Steve Yegge just used up a half-hour of my life. But I don't mind: steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2008/05/dynamic-languages-strike-back.html [Original.]

Monday 13:19 · Gack, HP buying EDS!?!? [Original.]

Monday 14:59 · HP is very mainstream, decent, maybe a little boring. But EDS, I've met many people over the who totally hated 'em, said they were evil. Hmm [Original.]

Monday 15:04 · Pop bands, rated with frightening accuracy: www.organissimo.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=34821 [Original.]

Monday 15:20 · My 8yo boy finished SuperMarioGalaxy on the weekend. It seems like a real accomplishment. Neat outro video. [Original.]

Monday 15:42 · @aprilmnz - OUCH! Thank you. The Network Is The Editor. [Original, responding to @aprilmains.]

Monday 16:34 · @dsifry - holy crap, I'm paying $40+ for Boingo. What am I doing wrong? [wanders off to check available packages] [Original, responding to @dsifry.]

Monday 16:37 · Oh man, 2000+ still buried in China, who knows how many alive? Makes me sick just to think of it. [Original.]

Monday 16:38 · Mind you, if you add up all the hotel & airport WiFi charges, $40+ for Boingo may in fact be sane. Still... [Original.]

Monday 17:37 · @brentsimmons I presume you know that expresso has less caffeine than good ol' gringo brewed coffee? A large medium-blend for the max boost [Original, responding to @brentsimmons.]

Tuesday 8:45 · One could grow tired of the stupid "!" all over anything talking about whatever Yahoo! did! today! [Original.]

Tuesday 9:28 · To correct the record, I'm paying $39/month for Boingo. They're adding Starbucks (Die TMobil die!). And that's enough fanboying. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:30 · Microsoft gets patent revenue from Pentax: www.photographyblog.com/index.php/weblog/comments/microsoft_and_hoya_pentax_join_forces/ [Original.]

Tuesday 13:29 · Check out "Lucky on the Main Street Bus" on @PDML - Pentax ftw [Original.]

Tuesday 13:50 · Aunt Dorothy died. 85. Aneurysm. Sudden. Married 66 years. Another piece of life gone missing. [Original.]

Tuesday 14:56 · Nexenta ships a product: www.nexenta.com/corp/ [Original.]

Tuesday 15:00 · There's hope for Twitter: @timcaynes is here. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:08 · Mark Cuban is having fun: www.blogmaverick.com/2008/05/14/beating-google/ [Original.]

Thursday 8:34 · @fridgebuzz - I switched to Camino even though I like Safari, because I got sick of Safari paralyzing my Mac. [Original, responding to @fridgebuzz.]

Thursday 8:37 · On my first Asterisk-based staff telecon. Seems to work. [Original.]

Thursday 12:51 · @stevebaker - Thanks for the correction; I thought I knew the story and wondered if you'd dug something new there. [Original, responding to @stevebaker.]

Thursday 12:52 · It seems that Scala is becoming unavoidable. I must go back and try again. [Original.]

Thursday 23:16 · Marca abandons public speaking: blog.pmarca.com/2008/05/public-speaking.html ... Why he's wrong: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/05/15/OSCON-and-Marca [Original.]

Thursday 23:20 · I can't get over the weirdness of Mark Pilgrim's voice as reprocessed by the Google HappyShinyPeople filter: google-code-updates.blogspot.com/2008/05/introducing-google-doctype.html [Original.]

Thursday 23:41 · They say time is God's way of preventing everything from happening at once. If true, it's shaky pre-beta quality, at best. [Original.]

Friday 9:41 · Earthquake farewell, by cellphone: blogs.sun.com/ann/entry/a_true_story_in_wenchuan [Original.]

Friday 13:35 · I have to join Artima to buy the Scala book. This seems wrong. [Original.]

Friday 14:06 · Geeks shift from other langs to Ruby or Python, but very rarely from R to P or P to R. Thus, Ruby and Python are Geek Sinks. [Original.]

Friday 14:13 · @millenomi - I would have said that Ruby feels a bit more Perl-like to me than Python does. TMT1WTDI. [Original, responding to @millenomi.]

Friday 14:17 · I now have the Scala book on my desktop. I'm sincerely hoping this doesn't try to change my life like the Pickaxe did, because I'm too busy. [Original.]

Saturday 0:01 · Urgh... 2K+ followers and I *still* don't know what it means. [Original.]

Saturday 0:02 · @br3nda - Have 'em send up a bellman. I'm serious. Tip generously. [Original, responding to @br3nda.]

Saturday 13:21 · Wow, Asperger's and geeks, heavy overlap, surprise surprise: www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?command=viewArticleBasic&articleId=9072119&source=NLT_AM&nlid=1 [Original.]

Sunday 10:45 · Intimations of mortality, no shit: www.thewormbook.com/hlog/?p=1593 [Original.]

Sunday 10:47 · @al3xbrown - really on the no-entities thing? It would be good to lose entities, but the MathML people have historically squealed vigorously [Original, responding to @al3xbrown.]

Sunday 15:07 · Over 2k followers, what does it mean? www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/05/18/Over-2000 [Original.]

Sunday 20:26 · @bwyrosdick - How about an at-length blog on the conversion? Inquiring minds want to know. [Original, responding to @benwyrosdick.]

Sunday 23:43 · Wondering eagerly what @avibryant will have to show next Friday. [Original.]

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