I spent most of Monday at CommunityOne, and it makes me wonder about the future of JavaOne.

CommunityOne · It’s really an entirely-general tech-fest, with obvious influence from Sun, since we pay for it, and heavy attendance by people who will be coming to JavaOne and decided to show up a day early. There are ordinary tech presos, and panels, and an OpenSpace camp for startups, and the RedMonk UnConference (also OpenSpace), and I probably missed a couple of things.

I generally liked the unstructured feel of the event: “Throw it all at the wall and see what sticks.” Here are a few pictures that I think give a feel for it.

People at CommunityOne 2008
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People at CommunityOne 2008
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People at CommunityOne 2008

For me, the highest energy buzz was around the Startup Camp event, but more or less everything found an audience that seemed engaged and everything.

The Future? · JavaOne is insanely successful; in at least some years the world’s largest gathering of software engineers. Furthermore, the Java community is huge, and still growing. But other things are growing too, some of them faster. So should JavaOne remain a standalone Java-only or even Java-mostly event?

[I should emphasize that I’m not speaking for Sun here, I’m not in the loop on this planning].

I personally would like to retain JavaOne’s powerful energy and community buzz, but I think it needs to become Java-and-Friends, or Network-Centric-Software, or NonMicrosoftOne, or whatever. In this context, CommunityOne is a step in the right direction.


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From: Takashi (May 07 2008, at 07:46)

As you often tells, I agree that Java will become "S/W infrastructure" from Java itself. It's a kind of "virtualization of S/W stack"...


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