Week ending Sunday 2008/03/16

Monday 12:17 · Having a nostalgia wave at the mention of XML.com. I wonder what will become of it? [Original.]

Tuesday 15:07 · I do enjoy Twitter but I'll be glad when SXSW is over. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:13 · Listening to Cale/Clapton "Road to Escondido". Not pushing back any musical boundaries, but very pleasant. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:52 · For decades, I thought the other word used for the introduction of a book was "Forward". Still makes perfect sense to me. [Original.]

Tuesday 23:04 · Holy cow, check out the trailer. The 720p version knocked my eyes out: www.apple.com/trailers/disney/walle/hd/ [Original.]

Wednesday 8:26 · Headline: "John Denver classic provokes Thai karaoke gun massacre" [Original.]

Wednesday 10:20 · Hmm... following random people on Twitter is a not-bad way to get them to take that one perhaps-crucial glance at your online presence. [Original.]

Wednesday 10:46 · Hmm, just noticed that I own "atompub.net". No recollection of grabbing it. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:28 · @cote - just the enterprise product, on the face of it. Sxip has other stuff. [Original, responding to @cote.]

Wednesday 13:27 · @codinghorror - get a Mac. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Wednesday 13:35 · @migueldeicaza: when Linux gets the suspend/resume and outboard-display stuff working, I'm pretty well there. Except for I'd miss Lightroom [Original, responding to @migueldeicaza.]

Wednesday 14:19 · Thinking it's just not possible to make progress on a boring coding task with a Twitter client active. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:32 · Best thing Simon Phipps has ever written: blogs.sun.com/webmink/entry/the_adoption_led_market [Original.]

Wednesday 15:51 · @twleung - Come over to the dark side. The Pentax side. Exotic-lens otaku fulfillment. [Original, responding to @twleung.]

Wednesday 15:53 · @shanselman - Any time you touch XSD there will be pain. And, uh, I use RelaxNG all the time, so in some sense it happened. [Original, responding to @shanselman.]

Wednesday 15:57 · @shanselman Well, RNG is *better* than XSD by any metric. Successor, who knows? And any schema is a weak reed to lean on for validation. [Original, responding to @shanselman.]

Wednesday 16:05 · @shanselman Schemas have lousy ROI, people put too much weight on them. Useless @runtime. Gotta validate with code for anything important. [Original, responding to @shanselman.]

Wednesday 16:08 · See, come to work for Sun and you can splurge on high-end cameras. [Original.]

Thursday 9:23 · Just because Spitzer is a hypocrite doesn't mean the Wall Street operators he skewered weren't large-scale thieves, deserving what they got. [Original.]

Thursday 10:52 · I think @chadfowler has way too much time on his hands. Someone at RubyCentral needs to find some important work for him; maybe tax filings? [Original.]

Thursday 13:02 · I dunno, @gruber, the OpenDNS explanation seems kind of defensible. [Original.]

Thursday 13:45 · The proportion of "XXX is following you" where XXX is not a person but a marketing operation of some sort is small, but increasing. [Original.]

Thursday 13:57 · I think what marketers get is that you're apt to look at their feed once when you see the "following". Not much upside but zero cost. Spam. [Original.]

Thursday 16:20 · How many followers is a lot? Is there any data about averages, shape of the curve, etc? [Original.]

Thursday 16:30 · Wow, I hardly follow any of the top 100. I must be clueless. [Original.]

Thursday 21:57 · @dlemen: Alive, or clean/dead? [Original, responding to @dlemen.]

Thursday 22:12 · Hah! Adobe ships ACR 4.4/LR 1.4, with support for the new Pentaxes. [Original.]

Thursday 22:32 · @paulsmith - mmm, can't beat that record, and PSB has never made a bad speaker. [Original, responding to @paulsmith.]

Thursday 22:43 · @paulsmith - in my office I'm driving 15-year-old Totems with a Cary Rocket 88 from a USB D/A from my laptop. Just to be perverse. [Original, responding to @paulsmith.]

Thursday 23:26 · @lrz: I once ordered choucroute in Luxembourg. OMG they brought half the pig on the huge plate with a little choucroute in the corner. [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Friday 8:49 · There are very few cases where it's right to cause links to open in a new window. If you're doing this you're almost certainly wrong. [Original.]

Friday 9:54 · Holy crap, does @gruber ever drive traffic. [Original.]

Friday 10:44 · 2.718281828459045235360287471352662497757247093699959574966967627724076630353547594571382178525166427427466391932003059921817413596629043572 [Original.]

Friday 12:42 · OK OK I'M SORRY FOR BREAKING TWITTER. Anyhow, @josephgrossberg started it. What happens to tweets in Chinese or Japanese, no spaces there? [Original.]

Friday 12:51 · @twleung - you need a D3 ... you *must have* a D3 ... [Original, responding to @twleung.]

Saturday 18:17 · Comin' at ya from Lahaina, and that's why you won't be hearing from me much for the next ten days. Have fun! [Original.]

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