Years I mean, since I launched ongoing; I missed the anniversary last month because I was real busy in Geneva. This will be fragment number two thousand eight hundred and thirty two. As I said a couple of years ago, I have better things to spend computer-programming time on than figuring out how many words that is.

So, to everyone, thank you thank you thank you for reading. To my family and co-workers, thanks for putting up with the side-effects; well, and for providing the raw material. These thanks are way more than courteous gestures; finding this writing space is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me, personally or professionally, and there isn’t a day that I don’t feel grateful and lucky. Lucky especially.


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From: Joel Dinda (Mar 15 2008, at 18:53)

And thank you! Ongoing's enriched my life, and certainly others.

By the way, that link is broken. I know it should point to my 2003 birthday, but instead it points to localhost....


From: Carolyn (Mar 16 2008, at 01:05)

Four and a bit. Happy four year anniversary at Sun!

Thank you, too, Tim. Your “random pictures” take me to stories you wrote before I first visited your site. It’s always fun, for me!

And happy almost one for us! I read your first piece March 26, 2007. It’s one thing to get someone’s attention. It’s another thing to keep it. You’ve done both.

Enjoy your vacation. Now you’ve got me wanting that Mai Tai…



From: Cath Bray (Mar 16 2008, at 02:45)

We out here on t'other side of the web are lucky and grateful as well! Thanks for writing!


From: Gregor (Mar 21 2008, at 07:38)

Ongoing is always a good read! So please go on writing your "fragments" of good thoughts :-)


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