Whenever I walk around, I have the little Canon in my pocket. Since I’m shooting JPG and have a 2G card in there, it holds a more or less infinite number of pictures, and I have to remind myself to unload ’em every couple of weeks to see what’s there. Often I’m surprised.


I’m pretty sure the letters are part of a bigger word that isn’t there any more, and it’s surprising that I can’t remember what it was, since I walk by this window on average four times a day.

Tuesday was sunny, a rare day of relief. The world is just going to have to live with people from Vancouver bitching about the weather, because by my count we’ve now been through five consecutive seasons without a really sustained nice spell. What Lauren said.

Anyhow, I decided to walk across most of downtown Vancouver to get some sun on my cheeks and maybe brighten up a little, and went by this alley.

Alley with tiger

That’s a tiger on the left.


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From: Allison (Jan 17 2008, at 13:55)

Cool pictures! I want to take more photos but my camera is a Canon Digital Rebel XT and it's too big to lug around all the time. It would seem the best pictures are spur of the moment :-)


From: J (Jan 17 2008, at 17:49)

Does your camera have much shutter delay? Lots of digital cameras wait for ages after you press the button before taking the picture. OK, "ages" might only be a second or so, but that's enough for the subject to move.


From: Jacek (Jan 19 2008, at 08:19)

SIN - how about "THAI CUISINE"? Looks like it could fit right in the space there. Or some cuisine, anyway. 8-)

Oh, and the comment submission system gives me apparently random, yet fairly technical (kinda buzzwordy and increasingly funny) errors, so I have to wait before trying to resubmit. Great that my back button preserves form content.

And I managed to completely ignore the question above "your name" because the form field is not aligned with the others. But the problems don't seem related to that.


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