Three photos on bright December days; not common in Vancouver, so this is a quality of light you don’t often see.

The first two are shot near Prior and Main, not the prettiest part of town.

Poles and wires against Vancouver winter sky
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North along Main Street from Prior Street

This is our city hall, a building I’ve always liked.

Vancouver City Hall

Especially the pink neon clock.


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From: Peter Krantz (Jan 08 2008, at 00:41)

Interesting picture of your city hall. Reminds me of some of the Soviet era architecture:


From: Carolyn (Jan 08 2008, at 04:34)

Tim & Lauren, Happy New Year!

Re picture number 1, did you catch Mars?

Nice pics, anyway.

My browser theory went out the window on this, but hey. Sweet mysteries of life... :-)


From: Ed Nixon (Jan 08 2008, at 05:52)

Stolen sun! I wonder if making pictures of light in the height of winter might be some sort of creative sublimation of SADD?

Here in TO, it seems like the sun itself has taken a holiday. While we've actually had pre-February snow (until yesterday's torrential downpour that is,) it's been perpetually dull and grey:

Sometimes including the less than pretty parts of our urban landscape can have its rewards, be a cause for reflection. :-)



From: D'Arcy Norman (Jan 08 2008, at 07:44)

good vancouver shots!

looks pretty typical to me - looks like Northern Voice every year (except last year, where we got rained on pretty heavily...)


From: Rainer (Jan 10 2008, at 04:00)

Here in Bavaria, closed to the Alps, we have lot's of these bright days now.

That light is wonderful, everything is so "focused" then. I also made some photos and will soon publish them in my blog.


From: razmaspaz (Jan 11 2008, at 08:18)


What do you do to get the shadow around your images? Is that some effect in photoshop?


From: Tim (Jan 11 2008, at 09:37)

raz: These are processed quite a bit (Lightroom not photoshop) but mostly for sharpening and colour correction. The light is about the way I saw it. I didn't do any vignetting correction, so there might be a bit dim-edges from the lens.



From: Ryan Cousineau (Jan 11 2008, at 12:33)

I'm sure that raz means the drop-shadow border on the photos.


From: razmaspaz (Jan 14 2008, at 12:20)

Ryan is correct, I mean the drop shadow around the border of the images.


From: Tim (Jan 14 2008, at 12:45)

Raz, that effect is called "drop shadow" and there are a bunch of different ways to get it. I use something I cooked up myself called Framer


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