I refer to Sam Ruby’s massive patch to make REXML work properly with the latest Ruby. I’ve long disliked REXML (see here and here), but it’s here and it works. Only the way it works changed in 1.9, and there were some horrible regressions, and it gets patched very slowly. (I’m actually wondering why Ruby needs to have a weird regex-based parser when Expat is plenty good enough for Perl and Python, and in fact if you look at xmlparser.rb, you can switch parsers, just as Nick Sieger has done for JRuby with JREXML. But I digress.) In the short term, we need to see if the REXML maintainers are responsive to Sam’s patch.


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From: Sam Ruby (Jan 02 2008, at 03:28)

What REXML really needs is a RSpec.


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