Over the course of the year, in browser tabs, bookmarks, and del.icio.us, I’ve built up a huge list of things that I felt I should write about, at least at the time I saw them. Well, dammit, I’m not gonna let 2007 end without at least making a try. Here goes. Weakly categorized.

Hug! · From Plum Village Practice Center: Hugging Meditation.

Videos · Extremely silly boy videos: From “Exploded Clown” (is that name great or what?): How to Turn a Small Car into a Space Shuttle. And from the Beeb: Bugatti Veyron vs Eurofighter Typhoon.

Music worth watching: Talking Heads do I Zimbra, and John Prine does Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You Into Heaven Any More.

Politics · Perhaps what the US has been experiencing is actually class war. Perhaps what’s needed isn’t bipartisanship, but to crush the right wing. Obama stump speech strategy of conciliation considered harmful.

Donald Knuth: Open Letter to Condolezza Rice. And, it turns out War is unpopular; who knew?

Business · Tim O’Reilly Google trading for its own account. I think this is the most important thing Tim has written all year.

Red Hat hires a new CEO... from Delta Airlines. On the one hand, he runs four versions of Linux at home. On the other, airlines generally suck and hate their customers and lose money and go bankrupt and battle their unions and carbon-load the environment and engage in cartels against actual competition. You win some, you lose some.

Middle East · In Al Jazeera, Hamas offers Israel what smells like an unconditional truce. In Ha’aretz, Israel rejects the offer. There is both hope and insight coming out of the Middle East: check out Michael Schwartz’s Would that the walls were holy. And if you’re the kind of person who thinks it’s worthwhile trying to understanding why those awful Palestinians are so impossible, you might want to start here.

Life Online · Feed-reading for those who wonder why. Disguised as a review of NetNewsWire, to which I’m addicted.

Tim Bray · He presents The Wind in the Willows in Takapuna, (i.e. Auckland). It must be good.


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From: Seth Roby (Jan 02 2008, at 13:11)

Of course you link to my site when my pour little Mac Mini is undergoing the update to Leopard, and was offline. Fixed, now.


From: Dustin (Jan 04 2008, at 17:18)

Hugging meditation, meet laughter yoga:



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