Was listening to an argument and someone said “Gimme a break. Even the Pope has to put his pants on one leg at a time!” And I thought that was incredibly lame. To start with, the Pope wears a dress, everyone knows that. And this afternoon, I was changing my 18-month-old, and once the underneath layers had been put back together, held her pants up to her feet. She considered them, then coolly thrust both legs through at once, her tiny bare pink toes emerging without a hitch. And who cares what the Pope can’t do, anyhow?


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From: Robin (Jan 01 2008, at 08:27)

Well, you say that but maybe the pope has similar helpers for his trousers?


From: Night Life Los Angeles (Jan 04 2008, at 21:30)

Every since I first heard that old comment, (that everyone must put their pants on one leg at a time I've been obsessed with always putting my pants on sitting down with both legs at once) It's funny, when you think about it , the Pope does wear a dress. James


From: Hank (Jan 07 2008, at 14:50)

The Pope wears a cassock, not a dress!


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