Established, it is said, in 1559. Odd, but good.

Here’s the ticket you buy to get in:

Admission ticket for Yuyan Garden in Shanghai

I have four pictures, only one of which includes any vegetation. As gardens go, this has nice buildings.

In Yuyuan garden, Shanghai
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In Yuyuan garden, Shanghai
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In Yuyuan garden, Shanghai
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In Yuyuan garden, Shanghai

I was there on a weekday afternoon and so were many other tourists. Still, there are lots of places to sit down. With a bit of poking around, you can even find something in an out-of-the-way corner for a quiet conversation; only I was alone.

I skulked along behind a French-language tour group for a while to soak up some of the finer historical and architectural points, and found that quite a bit of value was added. Also in evidence: Italian, Spanish, Korean, and lots of Chinese.

Also, there are a handful of gift shops scattered around, these would be fixed-price government gift shops, quite unlike the grubby shopping neighborhood immediately outside. I got a really-quite-nice tablecloth made by an ethnic minority whose name I neglected to note, and a jade pendant. I was quite taken by some huge prints that combined Chinese and modern-art sensibilities, but they’d have been hard to take home and then hard to find a place to hang. Oh well.


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From: Kevin Scaldeferri (Nov 01 2007, at 09:31)

Have you been to the Portland Chinese Garden during any of your visits? I had to double-check that you were still in Shanghai when I first saw these pictures. I guess it's true that the garden here is very authentic!

I find this garden style quite challenging to photograph. Props for capturing some really nice images.


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