Shanghai really is. They’ve built a mega-city in a young lifetime and they’re not slowing down at all.

It seems to me a teenager among cities. It’s big and strong and fast and (kind of like Vancouver) hasn’t begun to figure out what it wants to be when it grows up.

Of course, the standard news stories and pictures are all about all the great big ninety-story towers, and they grab your eye all right, I was unable to resist snapping a few. Here’s one under construction.

Tower under construction behind house under construction in the Yuyuan area of Shanghai

And here’s the construction in front of the tower under construction.

Bamboo scaffolding casts shadows in the Yuyuan area of Shanghai


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From: Ryan Erwin (Oct 26 2007, at 20:11)

The bamboo scaffolding on the building in the foreground is probably being used to repaint the building. It's extremely unlikely that you would see a new building of such construction in Shanghai these days.


From: Mountain (Oct 26 2007, at 22:39)

Welcome to Shanghai, Tim! You have a lot of fans here! I have been one of your readers for several years. Have a good time in Shanghai!


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