I got an email from someone, the ongoing comment system had blown up mysteriously. My logfiles were weirdly truncated. Then the whole site just vanished. The subject of the email from sysadmin Matt: “So much for it not being as bad as it looked....”

Fortunately, there was a hot on-site backup. Unfortunately, the disaster took it out too. Fortunately, there was a pretty-warm off-site backup. Unfortunately, it was at the end of a DSL line. So the restore took well over 24 hours. The amount of crud that I have parked in various places around tbray.org is beyond belief. You want big files? Got ’em. You want tens of thousands of little files? Got those too. Sigh.

Near as I can tell, all I lost were a couple of comments from Thursday and Friday; in particular, I know there were a couple on that Zelda story. If it was yours that got lost, sorry.

For some reason I had to rebuild Ruby, but the Ape is back on the air.

Please let me know about broken links or other weirdness. It was awfully disturbing to be off the air; this is the first occasion since my February 2003 launch. Sorry.

LA, Baby! · And guess what, as a side-effect, ongoing has moved from Virginia to Los Angeles. I’ll have to work a pair of shades into the design.


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From: Alex Waterhouse-Hayward (Oct 13 2007, at 17:55)

It is freshly reassuring to find out that someone who knows also has crashes. The period between ongoing's inaugural in 2003 and a few days ago can now be officially measured as 4 years of MTBF. What does MTBF mean? I noted in a Samsung ad that it means Mean Time between Failure. This is an optimistic measurement as there is another MTBF version which stands for Mean Time between Failures (in plural).

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward


From: Geoff Arnold (Oct 13 2007, at 22:37)



From: Martin McCallion (Oct 15 2007, at 06:03)

Ah! That explains it. One of the "Zelda" comments was mine. It was about how immersive my son obviously finds his DS, and how social it is when he plays wirelessly with his friends.

He wants me to lower the security on the house wireless network so he can play across the net. The big problem is that you have to lower it to *none at all*, as far as I can tell.


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