Parents’ bicycles head to the school from every direction. They ride prudently, sitting up, calling guidance and warnings to the little bikes swarming round them, whence smaller voices shrill about new socks and rockets. After the bell, the parents fly outward, bent low, pedaling hard, fast and quiet.


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From: Pat Patterson (Sep 15 2007, at 10:09)

Lovely, Tim - a line break here and there, and you've got yourself a poem :-)


From: Greater Manchester Cycling Campaign (Sep 15 2007, at 10:49)

Intriguing. Please tell us more !


From: Bruce Snyder (Sep 16 2007, at 07:05)

Great description! And it's almost a haiku ;-).


From: Ryan Cousineau (Sep 16 2007, at 21:26)

As they'd say on Fark, this fragment is useless without photographs.

Oh, that's just me: I'm a big old bike nerd.


From: Mark A. Hershberger (Sep 17 2007, at 11:30)

They don't let kids bike to school around here.

Which is kind of sad.

Nevertheless, I love your description. With three kids on bike, I'm always stuck with the slowest and fretting about the fastest.


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