Today I had a bunch of meetings in Washington, DC, only one of which I can talk about. The sun was up and the trees a riot of blossoms, and it was pleasant to walk around, which is what you mostly do there when you’re on government business. We got to meet briefly with Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren, and was I ever impressed. I suppose, given that her district includes San Jose, it’s not surprising that she’d be pretty tech-savvy, but even so. She’s generally on board with the notion that Open Standards float all boats, and she’s involved in a bunch of the hot issues where these apply: in particular, with voting law (think: Diebold) and the Library of Congress. A very Net-friendly politician.

The U.S. Capitol in Spring

Did I mention that Washington looked great this March day? Above is the view as we walked across the Capitol’s lawn on the way to our next meeting.


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From: John (Mar 30 2007, at 12:52)

Yes, the Capitol is beautiful on the outside, particularly in the spring. Too bad it's a pig sty on the inside...even with your Democrat friends in office. So much for "cleaning house". The pork continues to overfloweth.


From: Kendall Clark (Mar 30 2007, at 14:22)

Ah, Tim, I wish I'd known you were going to be in town; at the very least I would have suggested some good restaurants. DC is a pretty decent place to eat.

And, yeah, the weather has been inncredible lately.



From: Geir Magnusson Jr (Mar 31 2007, at 16:30)

How do you define "open standard"?


From: Stephen Pollei (Mar 31 2007, at 19:06)

Is ODF an Open Standard? ~ by David A. Wheeler

A couple good definitions of open standard are around.


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