I’ve been doing less technical writing here recently, the kind of stuff about the Web and Sun and so on that I think is why most people come visit. I think this is because I’m getting deeper into the Sun internal ecosystem; morphing from a wild-eyed guy cruising the halls muttering radical ideas about REST and Ruby and RSS, to being up to my elbows in some skunkworks and products and communications programs. In an ideal world this should result, down the road, in some really meaty pieces in this space. In the interim, I can post pictures and report on the camera market.

Another consequence: I’m pretty well totally maxed out between now and July. You can invite me to things, but I probably won’t be able to come.

Candidate Camera? · Hmm, check out the Ricoh Caplio GX100. RAW format, check. Anti-shake, check. Compact, check.

Ontario From The Air · Here are two pictures of islands in the Great Lakes from the air, decorated by the melting ice of Spring. I think the first is in Lake Superior, the second in Lake Ontario.

Island in the Great Lakes
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Island in the Great Lakes

I wonder if anyone from Meaford reads this. Because I’m pretty sure that’s the town in the picture:

Great Lakes shoreline, with town (possibly Meaford)


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From: Paul Clapham (Mar 29 2007, at 15:33)

I checked out Google Maps for the area around Meaford and to me, the little harbour thingie in the foreground of the picture looks more like it's at Collingwood. The long straight beach with the ice breaking up just offshore would be Wasaga Beach PP.

And no, I don't live in Meaford. I live in Vancouver.


From: Paul (Mar 30 2007, at 07:51)

I think the town pictured is Collingwood, just down a bit from Meaford. A better match with the coastline and the small offshore island.


From: Eddie (Mar 30 2007, at 09:28)

Well, Tim, this should not come as any surprise. You are, after all, an employee of Sun and they are expecting deliverables from you. How can you not possibly get sucked into the Sun and its culture and also remain unbiased about the rest of the world?

It amuses me that one of your colleagues, Jon Udell, thinks he can go to work for one of Sun's rivals, Microsoft, and that he can continue to write a blog posts that are not biased toward his new employers.

Sun and Microsoft were smart to hire Bray and Udell, respectively -- what a great way for both companies to have acquired some excellent PR machines (and in the case of Microsoft, they probably needed a Udell in the wake of Scoble leaving).


From: John Wilson (Mar 30 2007, at 10:15)

The Ricoh looks nice. The body seems to be based on the GR Digital which I have and love. It adds a hardware zoom and more pixels. The electronic viewfinder is very interesting (the add on optical viewfinder on the GR Digital is superb).

I expect that there will be more in camera noise reduction than the GR Digital.

Look at the time to write the RAW image. It's about 12 seconds on the GR Digital which severely limits the use.

I'm *seriously* tempted by this camera:)


From: Michael Seymour (Mar 31 2007, at 12:46)


I was actually born in Meaford but left when I was five

months old so I am not of much help on the whole picture

thing. But your question gave me a reason to

I enjoy reading your blog for the tech stuff. As a nostalgic ex-Vancouverite, I also like to hear about what's new

in the city. From the views of your house and your

description of your neighbourhood, I think you live

a few doors down from where my girlfriend (she's now

my wife) used to live.




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