If I had fallen over dead any time between about 1999 and last year, my headstone and any obituaries would have said “Computer geek who was in the room when XML was invented.” I’m beginning to think that the Atom Publishing Protocol (APP) has a chance to crowd XML off the headstone.

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A few of my browser tabs have related stories and I’d been planning a survey, but I don’t need to because Dave Johnson has an APP news roundup; well, actually there’s an interesting non-APP link, but he got the good stuff.

Then today, DeWitt Clinton asked the Atom Working Group “Did you know we just released our 8th APP-based public API?” No, I hadn’t known that and said “What are they?” and (via Ugo Cei) here’s the answer.

In late-breaking news, Bill de hÓra points at an integration problem and asks “Why not use Atompub?” I think Bill’s got a point.

Once again, here’s the dream: Everything should have a “Publish” button. Your browser, your spreadsheet, your word processor, your feed reader, your camera, your phone, your email client, your calendar client; I mean everything. APP isn’t the whole solution, but it’s a necessary piece of the platform you need to build such a future on.


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From: MikeD (Mar 22 2007, at 20:29)

Power to the People!

Save to the Web!


From: Tim (Mar 25 2007, at 20:04)

I would have thought your headstone would read:



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