I’m happy; Cool Stack was just a first step. This is something I’ve been arguing for since approximately fifteen minutes after arriving here. The publicity is here, here, and especially here: Sun Optimized AMP Stack for the Solaris 10 OS. There’s lots of marketing language, but I think the essential thing is that Sun is going to try to be a first-rate supplier of all the important pieces of open-source Web-facing software. The job isn’t finished yet, until all of Apache and MySQL and PostgreSQL and PHP and Python and Ruby and Rails are in the package, all optimized for Solaris, all stuffed with DTrace probes, and all with developer and production support available. It won’t be long.

Acronyms are funny. In LAMP, everything (but, it seems, the “A”) is replaceable. SAMP is kind of boring. I proposed MARS for MySQL/Apache/Ruby/Solaris, and the Postgresians (got a few of ’em here) like PARS. Or PADS for Django-heads. Make up your own.


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From: Jeff Schiller (Feb 13 2007, at 11:16)

What's wrong with SPAM ?


From: John Cowan (Feb 13 2007, at 12:38)

The "A" can stand for Apache or aolserver.


From: Matt Wilson (Feb 13 2007, at 12:39)

The A is replaceable too -- a lot of RoR apps (and my own Django ones) are running under Lighttpd. But LLMR or SLPP don't have quite the same ring to them.


From: bob (Feb 13 2007, at 12:48)

I used to call this combination TAMPonS. Which I suppose works here too since you're including Tomcat with the CoolStack: http://sunfreeware.com/coolstack.html


From: Mark (Feb 13 2007, at 16:30)


How about throwing a bone to the "JAMS" crowd? A unified installer for, say, Resin would be an absolute godsend for those of us who struggle through the intricacies of Tomcat's server.xml or Resin's resin.conf.


From: David Magda (Feb 13 2007, at 16:35)

Don't know if there are any compiler optimizations, but PostgreSQL has been officially available for Solaris 10 since the 6/06 update (with optional support contracts available):



From: Bryan Y (Feb 13 2007, at 16:55)

Personally I think that 'AMPS' sounds much cooler...


From: Aristotle Pagaltzis (Feb 13 2007, at 17:46)

Matt: with a little imagination it should not be hard to turn these into LLAMR and SLAPP. Or SLIPP. Or SLOPP. Not sure you’d *want* to, of course…


From: J.R. Taisto (Feb 13 2007, at 18:04)

I've always like AMPS myself. With LAMP you can see the light, but with AMPS you become the light. ;)


From: Luke (Feb 13 2007, at 19:16)

The A in LAMP is replaceable too: http://www.lighttpd.net/


From: Perrin Harkins (Feb 13 2007, at 23:32)

You forgot Perl.


From: Roland Bouman (Feb 14 2007, at 00:29)

when I was still running windows, I was using the WIMP stack (Windows, IIS, MySQL and PHP)


From: anon (Feb 14 2007, at 06:21)

Yeah you wish he forgot about perl. Everyone wishes they'd forget about perl.

Perl sucks. It's being replaced because it sucks. It's gonna become about as often used (and is as scalable as) awk.

That being said, I use awk for specialized things, just like I do with perl.

But a web-app, no thanks. Been there, barfed at that.

I prefer python, but I see nothing really bad about ruby.


From: I <3 Perl (Feb 14 2007, at 06:26)

You forgot Perl.


From: Giovanni (Feb 14 2007, at 06:30)

I've also used "LLLL": Linux, Lighttpd, sqLite, Lisp.

Well, Lisp was Scheme and not Common Lisp, but that's another flamewar.


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