Skyscapes with eucalypts; one, in a sense, firelit.

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That second shot is early morning, before seven, and that red colour is haze from the great Victorian bush-fires of the summer of 2006/07. Some days you could smell the smoke. You could tell this was going to be a hot one; a few days in Australia and you develop major respect for the people who go and fight those fires in that heat.


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From: Andrew Phoenix (Jan 23 2007, at 06:26)

I think the first picture is one of my favourites that you've ever taken, but I'm a fan of pictures of sky and clouds. It's got fantastic shape to it, and interesting, subtle colours - I love the vaguely cotton-candy-ishness of the clouds - it reminds me of a photo I took from Lighthouse Park a few years ago ( if you're interested).


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