Two Carr-provoked posts in a row today; check out Avatars consume as much electricity as Brazilians, and then the quantitative comment from our own enviroguru Dave Douglas. Suppose you wanted to know for sure how many watts your databoxes are sucking? Well, our server people have come up with a clever little marketing gimmick, the Try and Buy Power Meter Program; pick up a T1000 or T2000 through T&B and they’ll send along an actual power meter. Kind of symbolic since they only cost about $30, but still, I bet this motivates a few people to have a look who wouldn’t have, otherwise; which has to be a good thing.


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From: Tony E (Dec 07 2006, at 04:19)

Hydro Ottawa has made power consumption meters available to the local library system so that home owners can sign out the units via their library cards.

Also check out this free app (XP only, no OS X/BSD) at Here's the hype:

Download the 100% Free LocalCooling Application and it automatically optimizes your PC's power consumption by using a more effective power save mode. You will be able to see your savings in real-time translated to more evironmental terms such as how many trees and gallons of oil you have saved.

Energystar has solution for your workstations in an Enterprise environment if you're using Active Directory (via Group Policy templates) at


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