A rare gaggle-of-interesting-links fragment. Don’t look for a unifying theme, there isn’t one. Item: Lauren Wood bemoans the ephemerality of blogs, specifically the late great Enplaned. This is Internet Vandalism, and it’s happening all the time. Item: Lauren Weinstein rings the alarm bells on the anti-piracy facilities in Windows Vista. This sounds terrifying; every black-hat in the world, and I mean every one, will be thinking up cool extortion scenarios around this technology. Item: Rebecca Bollwitt reveals that greeting-card categories are outta control; outta control, I tell ya! (Example: “Suitable for Remarriage”). Item: Shelley Powers has some mesmerising autumn-leaf pictures, with a subtext. Item: Il a neigé sur la Réunion. Item: Rob Bray on interesting government lists; for example, terrorist organizations.


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From: Lucian Pintilie (Oct 10 2006, at 23:28)

Tim, this comment has nothing to do with the content, but rather with the presentation. Knowing HTML basics, I would expect a series of items to be presented as an HTML list. Your choice of flowing text may signal that there shouldn't be any ordering, but it makes it difficult to read. And besides, there are unordered lists...

Would you please consider listing items in a more clear way? Thank you!


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