Creative destruction, I think is what they call it.

You kind of have to blow up the picture to get it.

Business in transition on Vancouver’s Main Street

This is on Main Street in Vancouver, business-in-transition is the order of the day.


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From: Luke (Oct 08 2006, at 05:33)

Clearly the use of too many clashing fonts doomed Pedro's from the start. Comic Sans is practically a call to arms for the wifi set.


From: r. mexico (Oct 08 2006, at 12:56)

But will the burger shack have WiFi?

One of the things I love most about my neighborhood is that *everyone* seems to offer WiFi. I'm currently writing this message from a nice local coffee shop (one of about a dozen within walking distance). Across the street there's a microbrew pub with good beer and great burgers. On the other corner is a pizzeria. Next door is a martini bar. Down the block there's a barber shop, bakery, and Italian fast-food shop. Every single one of these places offer WiFi.

It's geek heaven.


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