On the weekend, we visited Steveston, a touristy little waterfront town in the south suburbs. It’s got some mildly-interesting shopping and a lot of good food. Some of the restaurants are elegant, but we prefer Pajo’s; fish & chips on a floating dock at the west end of town. Good fish & chips are not that easy to find. The waterfront was formerly industrial (fish-canning mostly) and is becoming recreational/residential. But there are a lot of old wooden pilings left in in the water.

As you can see, they’re not idle; each one is put to good use by opportunistic vegetation and wildlife.

Old pilings at the Steveston boardwalk

The closer you get, the more interesting they look.

Old piling at the Steveston boardwalk


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From: Martin (Oct 04 2006, at 10:11)

Great pics! Are you sure they were not ray-traced?


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