What happened was, I was listening to the podcast from CBC radio 3 and there was this great track from something called Lola Dutronic (@ MySpace); I emailed the distributor and all the record stores they sent me to were sold out, but he said they’d have a stand at Vancouver’s new-ish Portobello West market, so I dropped by and they were sold out there too, but I totally recommend the market. There were some deeply cool clothes and other oddments; I bought some candles and just avoided a couple of shirts. And also captured some serious colour with the camera.

Here are some hand-painted martini glasses.

Hand-painted martini glasses at Portobello West

And here are the candles I bought four of. They’re allegedly pure beeswax and will burn for twelve hours.

Brilliantly coloured beeswax candles at Portobello West

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September 24, 2006
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