Today, we announced some faster servers; I’m not a big-SPARC guy so the one that makes my heart go pitter-pat is the new Ultra; I just spent a week living on a year-old Ultra and while it’s damn fast, I managed to make it breathe hard with both JRuby and the Gimp. What’s more interesting is the PG&E rebate. Check it out, but what’s even more interesting, to me, is that there are three ways you can read about it: Jonathan’s blog, the page, and the official press release. The blog is the most interesting, with the Craigslist reference and and the highway-rules context. If you want details, the page is OK, with some sample calculations and so on. Which leaves the press release. It seems to have been carefully designed for unreadability, its meandering sentences studded with company chest-pounding and its stilted, committee-compromise quotes (even those from smart, genuine people like Dave Douglas) that no human voice would ever utter. Having said that, the press release contains some useful facts that aren’t in either Jonathan’s write-up or the page. We (the world I mean) need to do marketing better.

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August 15, 2006
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