There’s a kids’ room here, with lots of kids having a good time. It’s low-pressure, nobody pitching me their start-up in the hallway.

Julie Leung opened, a lovely presentation on stories and telling them; much less intense than last year’s, which dealt with death and fear and the masks we wear. But still worth listening to.

Julie Leung at Northern Voice

Julie held the attention of most of the kids in the crowd (the kids’ room wasn’t really going yet) for most of her talk; it helped that she was showing nice pictures.

Dave Sifry and I were less successful in entertaining the children, but the grown-ups laughed at his jokes; I don’t need to say what happened because it’s being blogged by multiple other voices out there.

I spent a large part of the day in the kids’ room because Lauren, who was speaking and on the organizing committee, was busy. That was OK. Anyhow, I got to meet a bunch of interesting people including, for the first time, Matt Mullenweg. I got some interesting feedback on WordPress and Atom 1.0, which I’ll explore separately.

If you’re in the neighbourhood, I heartily recommend Northern Voice; it probably won’t blow your mind but it might fill it up a little and it definitely won’t stress you out.

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